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  1. Injen1us

    FS: used SB stage 2 endurance clutch

    Maybe interested. Looking forward to the pics
  2. Injen1us

    Enkei GT7s & Federal 595RSRR track wheels and tires

    Sure. where you at?
  3. Injen1us

    The Official Cool Story Bro Thread

    Clapped out Saturn wanted to race on a busy ass street with a 35 mph speed limit... I guess he won
  4. Injen1us

    Verus functional diffuser

    Bump for an awesome product. I love mine
  5. Injen1us

    Enkei GT7s & Federal 595RSRR track wheels and tires

    Bump.... no track folks on the west coast?
  6. Injen1us

    Enkei GT7s & Federal 595RSRR track wheels and tires

    Looking to find a home for my track kicks. I only got a few sessions on them at Button Willow and Streets of Willow but they handle really great. I have had the GT7s for a while. They weight about 21lb each. Was really happy with this setup just do not have the money to go the track every...
  7. Injen1us

    Low Oil Pressure when car is warm, Is this the cause?

    Thanks for following up on this. It will help when people search for the problem in the future.
  8. Injen1us

    K04 Discussion

    I run the 93 map with 92 oct gas in Oregon + a small amount of water meth. intercooler is great... but I know BC weather and the heat dome was kind of an oddity. 40C for a few days normally... normally not that bad right?
  9. Injen1us

    My modest build

    I used all OEM parts aside from the bolts. Most current revisions of the tensioner and pump available. I did think about another donor engine to build like you are talking about. But was also mired by cost. Hard when the car is a DD
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    I want to do this for the weight savings alone...
  11. Injen1us

    K04 Discussion

    I went with APR because I was tuned by them anyways. Its held up really well so far. Agree with alot of the comments here regarding intercoolers too. Definitely very useful but maybe a bit less so given your climate.
  12. Injen1us

    Headgasket failure after 100k miles of K04

    ARP... close. They are "the" name when it comes to high quality head studs for engines more "built" than I will ever be...
  13. Injen1us

    My modest build

    Need. No codes but the coolant was turning brown and I had a small leak off the front of the block
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    K04 Discussion

    K04 for 8 years and 100k Dont waste money on a catch can unless you are a serious track rat
  15. Injen1us

    My modest build

    Car is still alive. 133k miles New headgasket, arp head bolts, timing chain/tensioner and water pump installed. Cant stop wont stop. Ride this girl till the wheels fall off
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    Headgasket failure after 100k miles of K04

    Been a while since I have posted here but I thought this topic was quite relevant. I know many of us have been daily-ing K04 for years. I got mine installed in Germany (US car CCTA engine) in 2014. Since then I have driven just about 100k miles in all manner of driving; track, highway, city...
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    Spec Clutch still for sale?

    Spec Clutch still for sale?
  18. Injen1us

    Stock 2012 GTI Base 4dr (Baby Steps)

    Red flags for sure. The only track i got 135-140 on was fontana on the roval. And that is with K04...