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  1. Sebastian89

    FS: AEM Water Methanol Injection Kit

    As the title says, I have this AEM water meth kit for sale. In good working condition. The kit includes: One gallon tank Five gallon tank ~150 bucks Flow Gauge ~250 bucks 550cc nozzle (depending on your setup you might have to change that) I suggest getting new line for it (15 dollars on Amazon)...
  2. Sebastian89

    Lube shop fail

    There are times when taking your car to an oil change place is necessary. I had to do it when I went to Florida for example. Pressed for time, leaving SoWo back to NC just to turn around and go back to FL. And I built my own engine if that gives you any insight on how often my car sees a shop. I...
  3. Sebastian89

    WTB: W/M Throttle Body Spacer

    As the title says, I'm looking for a throttle body spacer with 1/8" NPT fitting. I figured I'd try here before I shell out the 100 or so on a new one. Thanks!
  4. Sebastian89

    FS: F &R apr sway bars

    Front sold, rear one still available. All hardware included. 450 bucks shipped in the lower 48
  5. Sebastian89

    Motorcycle Thread

    I'll play. Any one into tracker/cafe style bikes? This is a 1980 gs850, work in progress of course. :)
  6. Sebastian89

    WTB Headlight Control Module

    As the title says, if anyone has a module for sale. Part number is 7L6941329B Thank you!
  7. Sebastian89

    am i insane to consider this?

    Do you need inspection for the first year in Ohio? If not (and it's not something critical), buy it for the winter and sell or part it out in the summer lol
  8. Sebastian89

    Donald Trump

    I'll get a lot of bashing for this... but I kind of like trump lol A bit of background.... I'm a first gen immigrant, and the stuff he said does not offend me. I like him because: -economy. I think he will do better than anyone else -armed forces. He likes our military and he will take care of...
  9. Sebastian89

    F.S.: DEPO Dark Cherry Tails

    Nice set, no damage, will sell for $340 shipped The most recent pic
  10. Sebastian89

    F.S.: APR K04

    I have an APR K04 for sale, I'd like to say about 40k or even less on it, I'll have to go look at the registration and see how many miles there were on it. I'll advertise it as 50k just in case. I drive roughly 100 miles a day and 90 percent of it highway, but I also like to drive the car when I...
  11. Sebastian89

    Name the fallen

    :lol: well, you sure do paint the picture... :drool:
  12. Sebastian89

    Name the fallen

    :bellyroll::bellyroll::bellyroll::bellyroll::bellyroll::bellyroll:Yeah, that's him! Total prick...
  13. Sebastian89

    FS: APR Front Sway Bar

    As the title says, selling the front sway bar. $240 (was 260) with shipping and PayPal fees included. Pictures whenever I get home:w00t:
  14. Sebastian89

    FS: GTI Grille with Black Emblems

    $110 bucks shipped to the lower 48 for this guy :)
  15. Sebastian89

    FS: BSH Catch Can

    As you can see in great shape, all brackets are there, and in good functioning condition. Price is 140 Shipped to the lower 48. Thanks!
  16. Sebastian89

    FS: OEM Bi-Xenon LED headlights

    SOLD -cat still pending payment :D As the title says, I have a set of housings in mint condition and even the oem boxes they came in. They can be yours for 750 shipped. Please PM me your number for pictures until I get to a computer and upload them on here
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  18. Sebastian89

    Job offer, to move or not to move...

    I'd go. 1. It's Florida 2. How many ppl in this day and age get to put their stamp on making something better, or being part of improving something?
  19. Sebastian89

    FS: Forge Motor sports Catch Can

    As the title says, I'm selling my catch can (since my BSH one won't sell I might slap that one on the car). This catch can comes with EVERYTHING needed. Whether you have a boost tap and a mechanical diverter valve, or none of that, you will be good with this catch can. Price is: $220 shipped...
  20. Sebastian89

    Officer Involved Shooting: Muskogee, OK

    Completely justified... You try to pick up the gun in a flight situation, your intent is to use it, whether to shoot it or use it as leverage, the officer cannot know what is going through the suspect's mind.... The suspect was carrying a gun IN A CHURCH, while threatening to use it. So yeah...