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  1. obleedo

    11-12 NHL Playoff Thread

    Gonna be an exciting night for any hockey, 2 game 7's NY and NJ... Hope the Rangers can pull another win out of their ass like the did game 6.
  2. obleedo

    Customer Service at its best!

    First let me start off by giving a HUGE thank you to Phil @ Detailers Domain. He went above and beyond and did it extremely fast. Long story short... Back in Feb. I took advantage of a great deal Detailers Domain was having on a Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher Base Kit. The day it...
  3. obleedo

    VW Golf MK2 TFSI!

    @ fender177... Yea seriously a little dramatic with the music and 50,000 exterior shots haha. Really cool swap though, whoever did this I definitely tip my hat to you. Are those wheels Detroits? I kind of like them.
  4. obleedo

    Auto Couture Motoring NJ

    Anyone in the tri-state area ever used them or heard anything good/bad about them? Gotta get my coils installed and I just had major neck surgery so Im unable to do it myself.
  5. obleedo

    Hit and Run

    Haha I take it that "work truck" didnt budge... Some people amuse me. Good luck man.
  6. obleedo

    Abandoned GTI in Dubai

    If I had a Skyline with wheels like that on it Ide abandone it too... Haha but seriously this is a shame.
  7. obleedo

    Rally Armor?

    Ive seen many people on here with the VW mud flaps, I like the idea, I guess I just cant get the Subaru enthusiast out of me still. I want to know has anyone installed Rally Armor mud flaps on a VW? They make a "universal" mudflap being as there is no direct fitment on their web page.
  8. obleedo

    Newb Spring Question

    Hey Im new to the VW community, been a Subaru guy my whole life and decided to ditch the "fantastic plastic" interior the Subaru is notorious for. I had Tien S-Tech springs on my WRX and the wheels were cambered so bad I was replacing tires every year. My question is has anyone here had this...
  9. obleedo

    Bike rack fitting?

    I have a 2011 4- door GTI and my buddy has a 2010 4 door Jetta TDI cup edition, he has the vw factory roof rack with bike carrier and is selling it, does anyone know if it will fit properly on my car?
  10. obleedo

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hello all! Always been a fan of VW's but was a Subaru guy, have a pretty sweet wrx wagon with an ass-ton of miles and just got a 2011 4 door GIT... Absolutely in love with this car inside and out. Only have a few cosmetic mods planned and nothing planned for performance, but that can change very...