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  1. robeeeerob

    FS: Neuspeed HI-FLO Air Charge Pipe (Mk6 GTI)

    ***SOLD*** $120 local pickup (L.A.), $130, SHIPPED (Contiguous U.S.) Please PM if interested or have questions. Thanks :) Will post up actual pic(s) soon. In great condition, comes with all necessary hardware. Retails for $180ish. More details...
  2. robeeeerob

    FS: Rosstech HEX+CAN

    **SOLD** ____________________________________ VCDS License w/ HEX-USB+CAN interface Works with all VAG, 1995-Current Year; unlimited # of VINs $350 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. robeeeerob

    SFV (Los Angeles) Caravan to Last Sunday (Palomar Mountain)

    Hi everyone! If you're in the SFV/LA area and would like to join the caravan to this month's Last Sunday Cruise & Meet (Sunday May 29th), we will be meeting at this Starbucks/Sprouts parking lot at 6:30am (it will take us about 1.5 - 2hrs to get to Fallbrook): 1001 North San Fernando Blvd...
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    EDIT: Found and purchased. Thanks!
  5. robeeeerob

    Favorite Gunkata Quote

  6. robeeeerob

    Favorite Gunkata Quote

    holy crap, this exists?! in4updates:lol::bellyroll::happyanim::happyanim:
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    WTB: Rosstech Micro Can

    **EDIT: Found one, thanks!**
  8. robeeeerob

    WTB: PTP Turbo Blanket

    Let me know, thanks!
  9. robeeeerob

    2016 Ford Focus RS (345HP)

    Anyone have solid info on pricing for this??
  10. robeeeerob

    2016 Ford Focus RS (345HP)

    YUM! Just saw another article on this earlier that John (jshay) posted. I am really impressed with the 345hp. Seriously digging this RS! *drools*
  11. robeeeerob

    40k (DSG fluid) Service needed?

    If you have a DSG transmission, Volkswagen recommends getting the fluid changed @ 40k miles. Many enthusiasts would argue it's better to get the DSG fluid changed even sooner than that if you have a tuned car! If you're not willing to do it yourself (either due to lack of knowledge, tools, or...
  12. robeeeerob

    Fastivus Caravan: Late Arrival (9:45am)

    Hey y'all! Anyone interested in caravaning with us to Fastivus? *-----Leaving LA (Glendale/Pasadena area) at 8:45am (arrive at Fastivus by 9:45am)------* This allows a little extra sleep for that have been lacking lately due to Fastivus prep (like me), or just general non-early birds, haha...
  13. robeeeerob

    Pic Request - Lowered (Static or non-static)

    EDITED: Found the pic(s) I needed! Thanks guys!!!! :D
  14. robeeeerob

    WTB: UberStealth (or similar style) Subwoofer Enclosure

    Would need to be shipped to California (91201) Willing to drive to you to pick up as far as San Diego/San Francisco/Las Vegas, if the price is right :) Let me know, Thanks! :w00t:
  15. robeeeerob

    Car Cruise and Shooting Range Day

    Well folks, Steven (steemax) and I have been discussing this for some time, and we are finally gonna make it happen! Angeles Crest Car Cruise and Shooting Range Day!:w00t: Still ironing out the details, and don't have a definitive date yet, but expect it to be one of the Saturdays in June (not...
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    Please, help! Thanks :)

    I am trying to create the momentum and foundation for my future business, RobzAuto. Pretty pretty please Like this page on FB. I promise I won't spam or post uneccesary things :w00t: Thank you so much in advance!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  17. robeeeerob

    robeeeerob's Build

    So yeah, figured it's about time I maintain a build thread. Sig was starting to get a little too long ;) 2013 Volkswagen GTI (DSG, 4-dr) PERFORMANCE: Engine: -APR Stage II tuned -SPM DP (street) -Beluga Racing CBE -Neuspeed FMIC -Neuspeed Hi-Flo Charge Pipe -Integrated Engineering High...
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    Great Deal: Microfiber Towels at PepBoys

    24pack for only $9.98 Offers last until 5/31/2015 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. robeeeerob

    The Official Gun Thread

    Anybody in LA want some large cardboard for targets? Was about to throw away, but figured is check if anyone wants Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. robeeeerob

    Spare Tire Weight (Mk6 GTI)

    Just FYI, in case anyone was wondering, the spare tire (tire + wheel) weighs 38 lbs: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk