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  1. Squashdaddy

    Help with Guide Pins on rear Bosch caliper

    I'm doing rear brakes and took the sliding guide pins out to clean and put new grease on them. I however, did not expect them to be different and can't remember which one goes on top and which on bottom. As you can see, the one on the right is plain. The one on the left has a notch at the...
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  3. Squashdaddy

    FS: ABT front grill painted CSG

    *****S O L D***** $275 + shipping. Add 3% PayPal fees if not using "friends and family". Genuine ABT front grill for the MK6 painted in Carbon Steel Grey. This was bought from another forum member but I never installed it. I've decided that brakes are more important for me now than...
  4. Squashdaddy

    NGK BKR8EIX for APR Stage II?

    As the title states, I am wondering if it is OK, or if anyone is running these plugs with an APR (or any) stage II tune. I was under the impression that this is the plug APR recommends, but that may only be for K04 users. I am currently using the BKR7EIX. Not sure if I should return them or use...
  5. Squashdaddy

    2011 GTI vs 2017 Porsche Macan GTS

    Completely stock Porsche Macan GTS. My car is APR stage 2. I have GFB DV+, Fluiddampr, APR Carbonio 1+2 intake, 034 street density engine/transmission mount, Neuspeed charge pipe and TOP, lighter Neuspeed RSe 12 wheels and Michelin PSS. Stock suspension. I obviously have an advantage with...
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    Brake Flush Help

    I've thoroughly read the discussions on this topic but can't seem to find some information that I'm looking for. First, what is the proper bleeding order? I've read conflicting information. Some say to start farthest from the master cylinder (RR LR RF LF) while others say that our car is...
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    am i insane to consider this?

    That is the cleanest 264k mile vehicle I have ever seen. I would probably buy it if it didn't have any problems.
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    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    Did you start this thread so you could post a giant picture of your car that you think is cool?
  9. Squashdaddy

    35% off Castrol Edge at Pep Boys

    Needed an oil change and stumbled on this today. Pep Boys is having a sale: 35% of ANY online order. They are one of the few places that I've found 5qt. jugs of Castrol Edge 5w-40. With the sale it comes out to $32.38. That's $6.48/qt...
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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    Have filled my car with Shell 93 all but three times since owning the car. 45K on the odometer now. Just noticed the nitro+ when filling up recently. Haven't noticed a difference.
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    H&R Springs and Sways Special at AWE Tuning

    I've been waiting for this to get a deal on a 26mm front swaybar. Then I looked at the deal. 5%. :thumbdown:
  12. Squashdaddy

    Anyone play Automation?

    Sounds cool. I'll have to check that out. I've been playing Assetto Corsa on Steam. Fantastic simulation game if your into that. I have a Logitech G-27 for it.
  13. Squashdaddy

    Anyone now the best Tune to get?

    Reps or OEM?
  14. Squashdaddy

    Veil lifted on 2016 Tacoma

    Damn, that's about as ugly as ugly gets!
  15. Squashdaddy

    Confirmed Vw Golf R400

    Exactly. If this car made it to he states it would likely be above 40k out the door. That to me is too much. I would expect it to have a smaller production run also and that too would drive the price up. It wouldn't be a mass produced Golf for all to own.
  16. Squashdaddy

    Lemon Law

    ^^Hopefully you have a DSG transmission, because if not, your going to be even more pissed when your clutch starts slipping after those tunes.
  17. Squashdaddy

    deAutoKey Orange LED city lights review

    First off let me thank deAutokey for getting these out to me so quickly to try out. I've always liked the contrast of orange/amber city lights on CSG but really haven't found lights that are both bright and have a good color tone. So, I was quick to jump on the opportunity to test out the the...