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    Whats your occupation?

    Curious to see what we all do to afford these rides, anything that pays the bills... I work for an aerospace company that does parts for tanks planes and helis. What do all you do?
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    Pics of black 18' Detriots

    Lets see some pics of powdercoated stock wheels, preferably Detriots, but im up for any oem vw wheels painted!
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    different DRL bulbs?

    so i heard that theres some aftermarket h15 bulbs for our drls/highbeams but i cant find anything anwhere, anyone know anyhting about this?
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    exhaust for sale...

    Hey all, ok so im selling my straight pipe, or resonator/muffler delete, whatever you want to call it its basically straight pipe form the cat back, stock size tubing (2 1/4) and it still has the stock exhaust tips. theres nothing wrong with it, im doing another custom exhaust and i dont need it...
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    Retrofit and side markers..

    Ok so I have 2 problems ao far... 1. No one makes clear bumper lights/side markers or whatever everyone else calls them... Nobody?? Hello manufacturers!!! 2. To retro fit S2000 projectors into the haloegen headlight assemby from lightwerkz is about $1200. No thanks. Anyone know any other...
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    For all SoCal 6s...

    So who's down to get a meet or a cruise goin one day for all of us in the best part of Cali?
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    3" vs 2 1/4"

    Alright so I've heard mixed answers/opinions on this matter. Right now I have 2 1/4 inch straight pipe from the cats back.. If anyone out there knows, would 3 inch all the way make that much of a difference, power wise. I know itl be louder which is ok with me. Just wondering if it's worth the...
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    Explain your User Name.

    P- first names Patrick DUB- I have a glass eye, so my friends always used to say I only have 20 vision instead of 20/20 which obviously makes no sense at all, but it's just one of those things lol so ever since then I've become PDUB
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    How to remove GTI 3rd brake light

    Anyone taken theirs out for anything yet? I think I have an idea of how to get it out, but I want it to go back in. Thanks!
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    Just ordered forge dv spacer!!

    So for all of those curious as to how it sounds or works or whatever. I'll let you know when I get the wait begins, looking at the front door everytime I get home from work watching, waiting sucks!!:cry:
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    This is what the dealer told me...

    So i went into my dealership today for my blinker thats always wants to stay on, even when the car is off, my seat warmers that wont turn on at all, and my sunroof that doesnt wanna close when i tell it to. the funny thing is, Im not really upset with these issues because its a VW and they tend...
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    Do you get made fun of???

    Do any of yur wives/girlfriends/friends make fun of you for going on a vw forum??? Please tell me I'm not the only one lol my girl and my friends always make fun of me for goin on here but they are also the ones that love my car most besides me...their just jealous...let's hear it, hope i'm not...
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    Locking gas door...

    So did anyone else notice that our GTIs gas Door locks when we lock our cars??? I found out yesterday when I was getting a drink for her and I locked it while the gas door was open, then closed it and it wouldn't close..there was this pin that came down in the way, I was like WTF so I pushed it...
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    GTI vs........? What have you beat??

    I wanna know what other cars or trucks GTI owners have beat in their dubs... and all i have done is cheap ass autozone intake and straight pipe. so pretty much stock. i hardly ever race but when i do this car surprises me. so far what ive went against. these are just a few that ive beat that...
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    Turn signal problem...

    So i walk out to my car the other day and my left front turn signal was on, like steady burn. i flipped the signal, emergency lights headlights fog lights on and nothing it just stayed wouldnt even blink when the blinker was on shut the car down, and it still stayed on. took the fuse...
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    March 7th Irvine Spectrum meet and cruise...

    There's going to be a meet and cruise (5 to 55 bac to the spectrum) march 7th at 10 am. Should be pretty big it's on all the big forums, alot of different cars going, hope to see some fellow dubs there! Post and show who's in
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    VAGCOM in SoCal?

    Anybody do vagcom in socal or know of any dealers that will do it for free??
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    Window roll up/down with key remote

    My dealership told me that I should be able to roll my windows up and down from my remote without any VAGCOM.. I said no that's not possible. Anyone figure this out or is VAG needed to do it?
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    Short Shifter?

    Anybody have a short shifter yet? If so how is it?worth the money?
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    PSI for BOOOST??

    Ok this might be a stupid question but does anyone know how much PSI our cars boost at?