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  1. snoman

    The Great Domestic Light Beer Poll of 2013

    whichever one is cheapest should be an option
  2. snoman

    My amateur photography

    great shots man! :thumbsup:
  3. snoman

    I'm an Ironman!

    absolutely amazing man, wish i had the motivation just to train for the event let alone actually do it lol.
  4. snoman

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    Maybe that was in reference to season 5 part 1?
  5. snoman

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    agreed. I think they are ending it at the perfect time. Walts character has gone through such a huge and amazing transformation and at this point there is no turning back, so if they went any further it would just be about Walt being a bad guy. Although that might be a good show, i dont see...
  6. snoman

    Anyone Here Ever Fracture Their Finger?

    ive fractured a couple of fingers and had a two fractures in my hand and the only advice i can give you is make sure you go to a doctor and have them reset them correctly. Im pretty young (25) and already have pain in my hand, particularly my right one where i fractured my hand because i was an...
  7. snoman

    Game of Thrones - SPOILERS based on TV Show ONLY

    i haven't read the books at all but love the show. last nights episode was crazy i loved how they stopped the music at the end just made it that much more dramatic. interested to see how the show changes with the Stark's being basically wiped out i really thought Rob was going to be more of a...
  8. snoman

    FS Votex base bars $250

    Votex base bars in good shape comes with tool and no missing pieces. $250 Obo located in south Florida
  9. snoman

    NFL Draft Discussion?

    i live in South Florida, but born in NY so i'm a giants fan and also follow the dolphins. i cant believe the dolphins traded up to get Dion Jordan, he was such a no factor in college i dont see anything great coming from him in the pro's especially when they coulda got a good OT. as for the...
  10. snoman

    Ksport coilover f.s.

  11. snoman

    Just painted. Can I roll fender?

    Hey guys just had a fender replaced and painted from an accident and I have to roll it to air out. I was wondering should I wait a couple of days before I roll it or is doing it sooner better because the paint is still soft?
  12. snoman

    Walking dead !

    ME! i love Rick's evolution its interesting how he is almost becoming Shane.
  13. snoman

    Least favorite car

    my buddies old 96 ford mustang v6 auto, i just hated everything the handling, interior, no power and the horrible exhaust he had. also drove a 95 5.0 gt and hated the shifter on that
  14. snoman


    best one so far i think
  15. snoman

    Diablo 3

    ill be playing hopefully it will run on my macbook pro (im not much of a computer guy)
  16. snoman

    Just got engaged!

    congrats man been engaged for about a year and getting married next month and its een the best decision ive made in my life
  17. snoman

    Wtb chrome trim euro switch

    Looking for a euro switch. Automatic or regular, it would be better if the trigger wire was included but it's ok if it's not. Pm me PayPal ready
  18. snoman

    The Official Beer Thread

    magic hat #9, rogue hazelnut brown ale but ill drink just about anything
  19. snoman

    Stock suspension and airbox

    gotta clear out the garage so... full stock suspension front and rears, with top mounts, used about 2,000 miles - $150 plus shipping stock airbox 1,500miles - sold
  20. snoman

    My Next Car.

    Lamborghini aventador