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  1. artur1292

    ECS is full of it.

    Lol thats ecs for you. They're shipping prices are stupid expensive. Pretty sure they make a profit from those shipping prices too lol. Then they ship you the wrong shit or broken shit. Ecs is really hit and miss with customer service.
  2. artur1292

    FS: Bilstein b14 coil overs and neuspeed endlinks

    all is sold!
  3. artur1292

    Anyone here own this R from Utah?

    Never mind turns out the dealership that the R was at is a dealership that sells totaled and fixed cars.
  4. artur1292

    Official Formula 1 Thread!

    With the success Ferrari had with Vettel I don't think they'll be giving him up that easy. I can see Alonso or Button taking his place but I think Mercedes prefers to have a German driver on the team which leaves the door open to Wehrlein.
  5. artur1292

    Wicked WRX accident

    Damn speechless. You know the outcome when there is barley anything left of the car. Sucks that people just refuse to understand the road is not a race track.
  6. artur1292

    Kreutzer Series V wheels made by Yokohama

    Okay guys, my wheels are officially off the car. Kreutzer series V wheels made by Yokohama in Japan. Specs are 17x8 et35, I don't have an official weight on them but they are very light. I would assume probably 17lbs. They are all in very good condition except a little bit of wear on all 4 from...
  7. artur1292

    Argh, why do people steal valve stem caps?

    Could be worse. You could have had someone steal your fog light grille and then proceed to scratch your hood like they did to my A3. People are assholes.
  8. artur1292

    Don't EVER let your teenage kid borrow your car.

    Holy thread revival batman! Lol bumping a post from 2013......
  9. artur1292

    2007 jetta 2.5L common issues or good car??

    The 5 cyl engine is one the most reliable engines ever made my vw. It will easily make it to and past 200k miles. The 5 cyl motor is really robust because it's basically a race engine. Audi used to use them back in the days and they pretty much had a shit ton laying around so they decided to...
  10. artur1292

    Metric Autosport review thread

    Okay guys I figured I should make this for everyone in SoCal to be able to write their impressions and such since Metric is a newer shop I am sure some people here are still a little hesitant since they don't know about them. I think this is a better spot than the member review thread as this is...
  11. artur1292

    SoCal: weds Kranze Vishnu 18x8.5 et44

    Okay guys I still have my weds Kranze Vishnu 18x8.5 et44 5x114. They are chrome in fairly good condition. Only one wheel has a little curb rash the other wheels just have dings on the lips only from being used. I kind of Impulse bought these and decided not to run them because they are too...
  12. artur1292

    Lspi (low speed preignition)?

    Hey guys and gals, haven't posted here in a while since I unfortunately lost my golf :/. So I have been driving around in a dreaded veloster turbo. Before anyone starts, no it wasn't my first pick it was ultimately my dads choice because in the end it cost about the same as the money we got...
  13. artur1292

    If you had $120,000 to buy a car with

    Jesus wtf is so special about those g boxes anyway. I always thought they looked ugly and knowing someone spent over 100k on one now is just fucking ridiculous.
  14. artur1292

    If you had $120,000 to buy a car with

    If it absolutely had to be 1 car I would get a cayman gt4 for sure. If I can get as many cars as I liked I would get a mk7 R as my daily driver and build a rx8 as my fun/track car and then invest the rest of my money.
  15. artur1292

    Golf R > STI according to Motor Trend, but it wasn't easy

    Lol damn looks exactly like the new sti :lol:.
  16. artur1292

    douchebag broke my side-window

    Saw this on fb a while back. Had a really good time reading the dumb ass comments saying how the guy in the gti deserved it and that he is a pansy for not fighting back. All I was thinking was why bother getting in a fight when you just got the entire thing on video? File a police report you...
  17. artur1292

    Kia Wagon?!

    Looks really awesome. Too bad that if it ever does go into production it more than likely will look nothing like the pictures. Especially that interior. We 100% wont be seeing those sport seats or anything resembling a sporty car inside.
  18. artur1292

    Powell: Coitus Location Preference

    Why no multi choice pole?
  19. artur1292

    Motorcycles -- teach me please

    Get a used 250 but if you can find it preferably a 300. The 300 will have a tiny bit more power leaving you with some room to grow on it. You won't feel you need a 600 for a while. Like suggested buy used because you will drop it. There is a place in I think Arcadia that offers the msf course if...
  20. artur1292

    POLE - Are you watching the Super Bowl?

    Honestly, giving the ball to Lynch was what everyone was expecting. I can understand the call for the throw like Neek said. In my honest opinion the Seahawks came into this game the favorite team that was expected to win. Sometimes, I even felt the game was kind of going in their favor. In the...