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  1. Treeinacan


    The only dv spacer that i can think of is forge does anyone know of any other brands?
  2. Treeinacan

    Mazda speed 3?

    Whats the diference between this car and my gti besides the 2.3 faster engine :( can someone tell me that i made the right choice choosing my car over that one?
  3. Treeinacan

    Any euro awd?

    is the golf r the fastest all wheel drive hatchback there is? Like can someone tell me the what the fastest hatchback would be and what the fastest euro hatchback would be? All wheel drive tho.
  4. Treeinacan

    WTB apr carbino intake

    i want to buy a USED apr carbino intake before the 1st, it has to be around $200. i live in florida so preferably there.
  5. Treeinacan

    used intake and custom exhaust?

    Would it be worth trying to find a used carbino intake? And if so does anyone know where i can find one, i live in Florida. Also i was thinking of making my catback into a straight pipe catback like custom piping until i have enough for a eurojet, any opinions on that? Also does anyone know...
  6. Treeinacan

    Honda vs Gti

    If a Honda's Vtec goes bwaaaahh then what do we have and what noise does it make?
  7. Treeinacan

    What can i do?

    Is there anything i can do to make my car faster that will cost me a little under $50? also is there any way i can make a home made spacer?
  8. Treeinacan

    Water meth.

    Alright i searched threads and couldn't find anything that tells me what water meth is. So how about someone actually is nice and tells me and doesn't be a douchebag that send me links that don't even help. All i want to know is what is water meth used for and how can it benefit me and do i need...
  9. Treeinacan

    Water meth?

    I was reading on water methanol or something? like what does it do? and do i need it? i live in florida and i think its for snow.
  10. Treeinacan

    Osir CF?

    What do you guys think on the carbon fiber products that OSIR has.
  11. Treeinacan


    I was looking at eurojet products and they seem to work alot with revo, I was wondering what you guys thought about their Ko4 and stage 2 flash. Also what would be a good downpipe?
  12. Treeinacan


    I was looking at intercoolers and i got stuck between the eurojet and the apr. They both seem the same and the eurojet costs less wich would leave money for other mods. Can someone explain the differences if there is any?
  13. Treeinacan

    Gti vs evo?

    I was just wondering on this, will a gti ever be able to take on the evo in a race? I definatly would never trade my gti for a evo since i herd they were uncomfortable and less nice on the inside but ive been wondering about speed?
  14. Treeinacan

    Weight reduction

    Is it worth doing a weight reduction on a gti? Like can anyone find the pros and cons because i just don't see much you can do to a gti except to its engine.
  15. Treeinacan

    Weight reduction?

    I have two questions, what can be done to reduce my 2013 gti weight. I used to own a honda and they really didn't weigh much and you could even reduce it further. What can be done to a gti?
  16. Treeinacan

    K04 help

    I see that there are many people and websites selling a k04 kit but is there a difference in what company i buy it from? Like Apr costs way more than the awe but they both supposedly put out the same hp and awe bring a giac software so that means even less money. Also the same thing with mounts...
  17. Treeinacan


    Please help i want to upgrade my turbo to a stage 3+ from apr but is there anything i can do after that? Like is there any way i can make it faster after upgrading the turbo? Honestly its just so that i can smoke some camaros or mustang, the drivers annoy me. And if anyone knows any better...
  18. Treeinacan

    HELP gti vs R

    okay i have a golf gti 2013 and was wondering what is the difference between the gti and the R. Like i know the R has more HP but why? I mean like i was looking and apr seems to be able to get the gti more HP in the long run than the R.
  19. Treeinacan

    Boost gauge

    I've been looking up on some boost gauges and wanna know what you guys think would be the best one. I definitely want one that is in air vent and was stuck between ( and...
  20. Treeinacan


    Hey im new to gti and most of my friends have hondas, so honestly should i tint my fog lights yellow or what should i do with them? I have a 2013 dark grey GTI all stock. Also what engine do i have, i keep hearing about a k04 engine? and any ideas for my car or can you tell me stuff about it to...