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  1. joe.a.hudson

    APR Friendly Dealer

    Just bought a 2013 GTI. I am going to need my 40,000 mile service. Some work was done to the car and I am looking for a good dealer down in the Phoenix area. I will be traveling from Lake Havasu City. Thanks in advance.
  2. joe.a.hudson

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hello All. Last Friday I picked up my new 2012 Shadow Blue, 4-door, 6spd. I have a little over 600 miles on it and I am loving every second that I am in it. Looking forward to getting my Intake and K04 upgrade soon.
  3. joe.a.hudson

    Speedometer KMH

    I just picked up my 2012 GTI 4-door, Shadow Blue, 6 spd.. I am stationed in Germany and I noticed that my speedometer only reads in MPH. Is there a way to change it to read KMH? I have been looking around the forum for a few hours and can not find an answer. Thanks in advance.