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    Full boost but no power?

    Wondering if OP or others have found a resolution, I have this lately...
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    Fat Tire Thread

    Bump for a great thread:)
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    Unitronic K04 Launch Control NOT working Gti 2010

    As the title says, LC doesn't work on my car. Flashed to the latest file, completed successfully, yet there is no LC. I disable TC, and the car doesn't hold an rpm, just goes to redline... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NEW Theory! TSI engine does not consume oil!

    Your PCV does! All that oil that people are loosing just gets transported in your intake tract. If everyone's car ate that much oil, all your internals would be screwed, and your compression would be crap. Makes sense why switching oil benefits many people in that regard, as the evaporative...
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    Cleaning intercooler while on car!

    Cleaning intercooler while on the car. Part 2. I was investigating a way to clean the intercooler while on the car. Something to so at the begining of the season without removing the whole front end every time. Using the Principle of Communicating Vessels, this can be done. One must tap the...
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    Steering ratios and Spindles ( stock - passat - TTRS)

    I am not responsible for any mods you do to your car. Please be safe. This is written for your minds entertainment, nothing more. So I wanted to share some of my experiences and bring up for discussion something that has been near and dear to my GTI Experience. My car sees the track fairly...
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    PCV Dismantle

    Warning! I do not recommend to anyone this particular modification, and everything you do is at your own risk. Please be safe. After filling up the catch can in barely 4 laps at the track, Figured something was wrong with my pcv, it was time to selectively dismantle the pcv to see where my...
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    Spam on the boards???

    I am posting this here because this is getting ridiculous. Just have a look at what the Canadian forum looks like... Basically, I believe that new members should not be able to post topics until a trial date/ a number of participating posts...
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    Bulb out error... while bulb works

    This is kind of annoying... Bulb works, but the error keeps coming on... Regular bulb (incandescent) not led is used. Should I just enable LED park lights in vag com... would that get rid of the error? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SuperPro Balljoint Question - specific bolt

    I need the specs of the balljoint bolt and if OEM a part number would be nice. I intend to use it for a ball joint application. 12.9 U says the writing. Highest tensile strength. Also the locknuts size would be nice to know. More info here: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EGR OFF tune?

    A lot of enthusiasts on other platforms block or delete EGR. On the tsi, it is done through the timing and gunk still builds up around the valves.... catchcan or no catchcan, blocking the front PCV or not , back pcv drain to atmosphere or not. So what is there to do to reduce carbonbuildup...
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    ECS Tuning Catch Can

    So they block the front with this And they connect this to the back of the pcv and reroute the rest to before the turbo. does blocking the front do any good??? and dumping the back before the turbo... how about venting to air?
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    Fat Tire Thread

    265/35r18 on the front 18x9...had posted in a separate thread some time ago, but thought that that got buried quickly.
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    How toast are these spark plugs? K04

    two photos per plug Last changed 2014 spring Switched over today to NGK BKR8EIX gapped at 0.024. Cylinder 4 This one is not seen in the photo but it had some of the ceramic cone pealed off... Cylinder 3 Cylinder 2 Cylinder 1
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    265 Tires on the front :)

    Kern, lets put it this way, Don't knock it untill your you try it. Japanese FWD racers and time attackers have been doing this for years, but it is hard to think or accept outside the box thinking. Is it convenient for most? No. Increased width will give you better braking, Loads the front...
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    265 Tires on the front :)

    I can assure you that this is wrong and a big misconception. Square setups rotate better for RWD cars rather then staggered. For FWD reverse stagger setups rotate better. And it makes sense, as such the car is extremely balanced. Meaning if not careful Oversteer events can happen. Simply look...
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    265 Tires on the front :)

    What makes you think that sway bars are not involved? I can assure you the full width of the tires is being used. Stickier tires are always on the radar, for the moment, this is the setup I can live with. Previous set :)
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    265 Tires on the front :)

    For people wondering what the inner strut clearance for such a setup is.