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    Have You Done A High Mileage Suspension Refresh?

    I'm at 92k on my 2011 GTI. Things still feel pretty good, but I'm noticing things aren't as fresh as they used to be: - subframe clunk/creaking on slow turns in/out of driveways - rear end sags slightly more than it used to--scraping tailpipe on driveways where i didn't use to - steering feel...
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    New RCD330 Plus Headunit with Mirrorlink/Carplay

    Why is there such a wide variance in prices on AliExpress? I see some 187B's for $180 and they go up to $280... I also noticed they have WILD firmware versions (e.g. 5711, 5814). Guessing these are experimental. Would I be able to backtrack to a previous version? Is this free to download them?
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    Trip to SF > Monterey (visiting from East Coast)

    Hey guys, I'll be visiting California next month and trying to find a sweet rental on Turo. Unfortunately, not many options available. Anywho, I'm wondering if there is a suggested route to hitup on my way down to Monterey. I have a few hours and want to drive along the PCH and do a canyon...
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    Anyone had the rear main seal replaced? Leaks?

    Hey guys, I was under my car doing a DSG change and noticed some fluid between the trans and motor. There were no drips and it was dirty, so it may not be a major issue right now, but definitely on the radar. I 'm wondering if anyone has any photos they could post up of what it looks like for...
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    WTB: Radiator

    Hey guys - anyone have a radiator for sale? PM me please!
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    Escort Passport 9500ix (Red)

    Hi all, I am not using my radar anymore and putting it up for sale. All of the accessories are brand new and NEVER used because I had it hard wired to my rear view mirror. Brand new: *Power cord *Suction cups *Mount *Exterior case *Never registered so you can register it under your name...
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    Weird issues with XDS & ABS interrupting normal driving when it should not be

    Has anyone had any weird issues with XDS & ABS interrupting normal driving when it should not be? I just got an alignment and new tires and all of a sudden the XDS is interrupting when I'm making normal turns (for example, an exit). I'm not ripping on the turn and there is zero tire squeal. It...
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    How do I diagnose a faulty PCV?

    Hey guys, I believe I could have a faulty PCV or bad intake manifolder. The car is revving slightly at idle when put into neutral in warm weather. It's very weird. I popped the hood today, warmed the car up, and then I put my finger over the breather hole of the PCV. Before doing this, I...
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    Angled/uneven brake pad wear (pics)

    You guys ever seen this before? Both front pads are less than a year old and have the same wear pattern: What gives?
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    Anyone experience mid gear clutch slip on DSG? (APR K04 + APR DSG Tune)

    Let me preface this by saying when I had my 2011 MT GTI, clutch slip could be repeated by WOT at low RPM on a high gear (3-6). On my 2011 DSG GTI, APR K04 3.1, APR DSG Stage 2 Tune 5th gear, low rpm, WOT - no slip Downshift to 5th gear (no throttle), high rpm (4k+), go WOT - slip Slip = it...
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    Built a coffee table/end table with a mangled rim

    can you get more pics? this is pretty badass
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    MK7 VW Golf R vs. B8.5 Audi S4

    R for overall value. It is cheaper to mod as well. The S4 is really pricey to mod. Labor is MUCH more. For example, to install downpipes, some shops will drop the motor. Ridiculously tight in there.
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    FS/FT: Rotiform LHR Gold Face Polished Lips 5x100 18x9.5 and 18x10.5 NJ

    Posting for a friend which I will link at the bottom to his OP on Vortex: Rotiform LHR: -Brushed Gold faces -Polished Lips -Satin Black inner barrels -5x100 -18x9.5 ET 15 with 2" lips -18x10.5 ET 25 with 3" lips -Hankook Ventus V12 Evo (215/40 front, 225/40 rear) -I'd give the wheels an...
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    Daily Driving stick sucks rant.

    Do the bump stop until you trade it in. That being said, I love my DSG coming from a 6SP MK6 GTI. It's an amazing transmission and much appreciated coming from the manual.
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    GTI K04 (DSG tune, intake, dp, cbe) vs F80 M3 (JB4, DPs, e30)

    Well I got straight destroyed: Fz5odZt3Rv8
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    Name the fallen

    @Dat Fireball guy, he keeps losing to them Bimmers in Jersey :P
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    FS: OEM Stage 2 (intake) Pipe

    Cleaning out some miscellaneous parts. This is the OEM intake tube for the TSI motor. $20 picked up $30 shipped (CONUS) PM Me!
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    FS: OEM Rubber Monster Mats and OEM Carpet Mats

    Hey guys, Cleaning up some things in the garage. I have a set of rubber and carpet mats for sale: *There is a small hole on the driver side mat. I put a piece of tape to cover it up from underneath Carpet Mats: $35 picked up Rubber Mats: $45 picked up Both: $70 picked up PM me!
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    FS: Outter Left LED Tail Light (Replica, Cherry)

    Hey guys, I have an extra outter left LED Tail light. If I recall correctly, this did have some condensation in the turn signal area and that's why I got a replacement. This would be a good replacement for anyone looking for just one tail light in the case you got into an accident or yours is...