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  1. GON_ATL12

    Metro Atlanta VW Crew

    Is anyone selling any austins or 18in wheels?
  2. GON_ATL12

    WTB: few accessories/mods for MK6 GTI

    I appreciate the invite and help thanks alot!!
  3. GON_ATL12

    WTB: few accessories/mods for MK6 GTI

    Hey guys! just became a new owner of a MK6 GTI. I want to do some mods and find some accessories to pimp my ride. if anyone is close or willing to meet halfway or ship to the Atlanta area that would be great! Used parts are more than welcome as I am trying to save some money! List of things...
  4. GON_ATL12

    Looking to Purchase a MKVI GTI Manual

    Good day fellow VW Enthusiasts! I recently graduated from college and want to purchase one of my dream cars. Honestly would like to purchase something around 11k but really 10k is my budget. I'm looking to purchase a 6 speed manual tranny. Please let me know what you have and we can negotiate!