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    Head Unit Upgrade

    The RCD330 isn't an OEM head unit, someone just realized there's enough of a market to make a VW-specific aftermarket HU. But yeah. Most of them don't have RCA outputs, they're designed to integrate with the car's existing equipment.
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    Adjustable End Links Help

    The way I do mine is as follows - Put the car on ramps, loosen the locknuts on both sides. Disconnect the link from the sway bar on the driver (left) side. Adjust the right side link so the sway bar clears the axle and control arm, lock in the endlink. Adjust the left side link until the...
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    Static low issues

    I don't want to be a dick about it, but you already have your answer.
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    For those who run the B4 Bilsteins paired with any springs....

    For what it's worth at this point, Bilstein lists those part numbers as being for the Mk5 Rabbit and Audi A3 of the same vintage. The ones @This is Ryans face had is what they list for the Mk6 GTI. I recently switched to the GTI B4s on my R with the stock springs and I'm happy with it so far...
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    Head Unit Upgrade

    The RCD330 is a popular replacement. I don't have one so I can't speak on its quality, but a lot of people seem to like them.
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    Sub frame kits-inserts/new bolts/etc

    The ARP bolts that come with the Tyrol kit are reusable.
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Honestly, ATV+ is worth getting just for Ted Lasso. I haven't tried Silo yet, maybe I'll check it out.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    To avoid MD altogether, you'd have to get on 250W at Staunton or 33W at Harrisonburg, then Route 48 to Weston, WV, then north on I79 through Morgantown and almost to Pittsburgh before making your way back east. There's not really any need to take a longer route than you have to, nobody is...
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    Misfire in cylinder 3 only under high load/boost

    Are you sure the plugs are the correct heat range and gap? APR specs BKR8EIX at .024" for stage 2.
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    This project is long dead - MFactory hasn't posted in this thread since 2019, nor anywhere on this site in over two years. So for anyone still following my saga with the Power Zone rear wavetrac - I was still chasing that vibration for the rest of the year. I got new tires in November, which...
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    How would you install rear spats?
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    Short Shifter Question

    Check out dieselgeek's Super Pin, 1st Gear Getter, Cable Saver bushings, and upgraded lever shaft bushings. Last year, I overhauled my shifter with all that plus a new OEM shifter ball socket (1K0711699A), and it feels like an entirely different car. If you have a shifter that uses the stock...
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    MK6 R New South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Vibration Under Low Torque / Heavy Load

    Welcome to life with a lightweight single mass flywheel.
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    suspension brands? which one is better?

    You should be ok, I'm running the ECS skid plate with an APR pendulum mount on my R.
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    Gearbox oil

    Because OEM is SAE 75w GL-4 and Motul doesn't make a fluid in that spec (Motylgear 75w80 would probably work, but I've never tried it). I do run Motul 75w-90 in my rear diff and bevel box, though.
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    Gearbox oil

    G055512A2 is for the 5 speed manual, G052527A2 is for the 6 speed manual. G052527L2 is not a VW part number as far as I can tell.
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    Sub frame kits-inserts/new bolts/etc

    As far as I know, the only way to get the Tyrol ARP bolts is with the Tyrol collar kit. That N10141003 is what 034 includes with their collar kit to replace the WHT000431A, so you should be fine using those.
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    Should i tune my stock mk6 R?

    An intercooler makes a nice difference with stage 1 too, even if it's not strictly required. Boost will hold better at higher rpm with less tapering off
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    Is there a solid way to test or diagnose the ABS function?

    Go to the ABS module in VCDS and run an output test.