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  1. JW with a VW

    P0606 caused by loose ground terminal?

    the fun never my car back from the shop that fixed the front right fender after my daughter hit the zero button on my air suspension on the hwy (looks beautiful btw). Driving for a week and all the sudden I throw a P0606 (ECM). Now, I remember when I picked it up, the guy said my...
  2. JW with a VW

    Well this sucks...

    Guess what happens when you're driving down the hwy and one of the children decides to hit the ZERO button on your air suspension controller... Guess I'll go ahead and get all the fenders rolled now... Need a fender well cover...thank goodness no one was hurt. I heard the air and quickly...
  3. JW with a VW

    So I called VW of America...

    Turns out my 2010 is still covered until Apr 23 20 for the following: Intake Manifold (Already done) Fuel Injectors Timing chain and tensioner (yes!) Coolant Pump (Already done) Sooo...I have an appt Thurs at the dealership. Has anyone gone this route? What should I expect? Will my tune and...
  4. JW with a VW

    Ready to purchase...should i do it?

    IE VW Mk6 GTI DSG TCU Tune (DQ250 Will order tonight unless yall tell me why I shouldn't! Thanks!
  5. JW with a VW

    How do I post a vid for yall to see/diagnose?

    Steering creaks when I turn it. Have a vid for y'all to see and hear it, but the site won't allow me to post. I've seen others post Thanks!
  6. JW with a VW

    Anyone have experience with Eurofed? Good shop?
  7. JW with a VW

    Measuring block 032 analysis help

    Soooo...does this mean I'm running lean? Bigger issue? Help!
  8. JW with a VW

    Help with analyzing log data...please.

    I have a Cobb Access Port and know how to log and download to Excel, but I am looking for help in analyzing the data. I get a lean code from time to time and would like to review the log to see if anything raises an eyebrow ?, but wouldn't know what to review. If you can help, I would be very...
  9. JW with a VW

    Hawk? EBC? StopTech? Other? What do you use and why?

    No track time for me, but I do tend to have a heavy foot and test the limits of corners in town and on the back roads. Want low dust, no noise, good stopping...the usual suspects. Running stock rotors (will replace with pads) and standard brake lines...braided coming soon. I'm thinking Hawks...
  10. JW with a VW

    Blasphemy? Replaced "reds" with Intermotor coils

    So I decided to go ahead and replace my R8 coil packs with Intermotor ones. They had about 40k miles on em, so I thought I'd go ahead and replace with the new plugs. Feel free to chastise me, but I did a lot of research on the Poland-based manufacturer that makes these and I gotta say, I was...
  11. JW with a VW

    Window covers...Yes? No? Why or why not?

    Thoughts? I'm on the fence... Peeps seem to like Well, but I know there are lots to choose from. I may just do the one in front of the moon roof, but... Open to your opinions. Thanks!
  12. JW with a VW

    Dyno file from me translate

    Here is the dyno csv file from my access port. If I read this correctly, does this mean my numbers are as follows: 346hp / 435tq Doesn't that seen high for a Stage 2 93 octane tune? I should add I'm running the Stratified MKVI V1.0 Map.
  13. JW with a VW

    2010 TPMS Light solution with OBDEleven!

    For your winter shoes, those with no TPMS sensors in your tires or even a bad one... There is a trick that the OBDeleven team did where you can just look at the list of all the modules you have installed (just by connecting to your car using OBDeleven). When you see the main list, there is a...
  14. JW with a VW

    Does an OBDEleven "bible" exist?

    So I have an OBDEleven Pro and it's great for diagnosing the general stuff for me, and sadly there are not many "apps" for the MKVI, but...I know there is so much more to offer from this device. Does anyone know of a comprehensive how to that tells you when to use, where and why? Would be great...
  15. JW with a VW

    Crunchy DSG?

    Anyone else hear a minor crunch sound when you car downshifts during slowing down? Manual maniacs need not reply with smarty answers. ?
  16. JW with a VW

    P0101, P2177, P0420...I give up.

    When will the nightmare end?!? At this point the car is undriveable because I also get the random ECP that throws the car in limp mode and makes getting to the side of the road to reset it, super stressful.
  17. JW with a VW

    MAF Air Straightener...miracle or snake oil?

    Hello all! Here's my issue. In Drive and Sport mode under normal driving conditions, all is good. If I get into it, I throw P0101 and P2177 along with the CEL. And sometimes, the very scary ECP. I've read the air straighteners help with this as I have checked my intake and no leaks...last thing...