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  1. Bsclly

    DSG Shift Knobs?

    Apologies if there's 1000 threads about this already, I used the Search Bar but didn't see too much. Is there an adapter I can get to use normal shift knobs? The BFI ones don't really appeal to me, and the Unix Performance one is damn near $500. I guess the previous owner of my MK6 had the...
  2. Bsclly

    Changing Springs on SoloWerks S1 coilovers?

    Hey guys, wanting to go lower in the front and I'm unsure about it. I want to do a 5 inch spring with a 20k+ spring rate, that much I know. However, I'm not sure what other dimensions I need. SoloWerks apparently has their spring specs within Fort Knox, I can't find any information on them...