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    POLE - Would you be friends with a Prius driver?

    Just go back two pages - you'll see my previous posts on some personal shit I was dealing with 4 years ago.
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    20% off *NEW* design: drop-in LEDs for your reflector housing!

    That's fair. Try to find something with a decent cutoff. Check out the Headlight Revolution channel; they did an episode specifically on LED retrofits.
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    20% off *NEW* design: drop-in LEDs for your reflector housing!

    I used their De360 LEDs in my Mk6 for some time with no problems. LEDs actually draw less power than halogen bulbs; this is a plug and play easy to install kit. That being said...LED bulbs in the OEM reflector fog housings will cause a lot of glare. I recommend a projector retrofit.
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    POLE - Would you be friends with a Prius driver?

    If you're confused, it's because it literally had nothing to do with you.
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    Morimoto XB LED fog lights

    You got it! Yes, these are currently $130 (no tax, free shipping) on the Morimoto site vs $200 on TRS and ECS Tuning. Contrast these with the DE360 LED fogs from DeAutoKey, $149.99. As mentioned before, the XB will cause a bulb out error; the Morimoto cancelers only work when the lights are...
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    POLE - Would you be friends with a Prius driver?

    So I'm gonna necro this because I feel an update is kinda necessary and I just kinda dropped away after venting all my shit. The divorce was pretty nasty, and my military career came to an end after 2 arrests but at least I got out with my dignity. Sold the house, went through a few...
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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Not if you don't take it out of context Photoshopped images - girls editing their photos (as happens all the time for Instagram) Kobe Bryant with his family It's meant to be dark, but there's absolutely no racist component
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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Don't you hate that? Nice ass, then she turns around and BOOM
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    Gear box drain plug GTI MK6

    It's a hex, I forget what size. Recently changed my gearbox oil. I would just reuse the drain plug; it's likely in near perfect condition.
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    Kansas City

    Wife and I moved to Lawrence from Seattle back in September. If you ever see a black GTI with battle crosses and American flags, that's me. We commute between Olathe and Lawrence daily.
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    Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?

    Means I'm an unoriginal dumbass that created this account when I was stationed in San Diego Nowadays I go by V0latyle, because of an unhealthy affinity for fire and explosions...My Mk6 fortunately has avoided such a fate, although I did manage to explode a clutch once.
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    LED Steering Wheel

    Why carbon LED steering wheel? Because racecar
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    Morimoto XB LED fog lights

    Well, the Morimoto ones do prevent a bulb out long as you don't actually turn the lights on. Once you turn them on, you'll get an error within a minute or two. I tried another set from Amazon that someone else said worked for his Mk6 but the lights didn't even work with them.
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    Morimoto XB LED fog lights

    So after years of running the deAutoLED 360 fogs in the stock housings, one of the chips went bad...and I got tired of oncoming traffic blinding me with their brights (LED bulbs in the stock reflector housings are obnoxiously bright)... I finally bit the bullet and got a set of the Morimoto XB...
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    RNS315 bluetooth resetting

    My Mk6 is about 7 years old now (built 10/11, MY'12). I have the Sunroof and Nav trim. Recently, my RNS315 has been losing Bluetooth pairings and resetting the Bluetooth PIN. Everything else seems to stay the same (Sirius presets, etc) Has anyone else had this problem, and have you been able...
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    Experience with radar detectors?

    Radar detectors are only illegal in Virginia and on military installations, unless you're driving a commercial vehicle. Waze is great, use it all the time, but it's only as good as the other users make it. I have a Beltronics RX-65 that I bought 6 years ago. It's old but it works; Ka...
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    Hesitant start/stalling at idle

    2012 GTI, CBFA, APR Stage 2. 96k miles, valves were cleaned a couple months ago, recently cleaned air filter too. No issues with power or running during the entire time I've had the car. Recently I've been driving less as I drive company vehicles at work, and my commute is only about 7...
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    Who is this idiot?

    Not sure if this was posted before... sBtE-SwEnM4 Can't even tell what he's mad about.
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    Verizon vs TMobile vs Sprint?

    I currently work for DoD so I have the 15% employee discount. As for data usage...I'm not willing to give up unlimited data.