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  1. Cole2999

    1 Free ExtremeContact DWS06 (225/40/18) in CO Springs (today only, pickup only)

    Blew out a tire in CO Springs on my road trip. The tire is more than passable, should last at least a season, more if you're stock and don't rip on them like me. Good for a spare in case of a blowout. The tire itself is showing signs of wear and age, especially on the inside sidewall, or at...
  2. Cole2999

    The Ultimate "Driver's" Road Trip

    Holy hell I'm finally here. I've been prepping and planning for weeks and I'm finally here on my road trip. For reference, I'm actually on night 2 as I type. Just the way it worked out. Halfway through my stay-at-home order, I heard about some guys setting the new cannonball record, and it made...
  3. Cole2999

    The brake bolt that took > 200lbs-ft to break loose...

    Dramatic title lol I was swapping the brakes off my parts car today. For the most part, the parts car actually is in better condition than my driving car, even the brakes. But this one, this one fucking bolt, took over 200 pounds of force to break free. And then I got it loose: Nearly solid...
  4. Cole2999

    2011 DSG w/ 55k miles. No mecha.

    I have a DSG out of my 2011 parts car that I don't need. I'm not sure how much they go for, but here's how I'm pricing then (all prices OBO): $350 +shipping (it's gonna be a lot) $325 if you pick up (SW NH) $390 if you want delivery within 75 miles* *I'm willing to do more, but any farther and...
  5. Cole2999

    What part am I missing?

    (images were wrong, posted the right ones below) Shop said I was missing a part, prob from when I swapped the motors. I believe it was secondary air related, but I could be thinking of one of my other problems seeing as it's far from the secondary air. Also is the little nozzle that is connected...
  6. Cole2999

    Another P2015 thread 🙄 ECS manifold cap problems

    Okay, so I know the whole P2015 thing has probably been beaten to death. But my problem is slightly different. I didn't have a P2015 code. But, reading all these problems and seeing this ECS Intake Manifold fix that is supposed to prevent it from happening, I thought I should do that, as...
  7. Cole2999

    Colby's GTI

    Build list (I'll format this when I care): Mods that came with the car Unitronic Stage 2 tune SPM downpipe with track (catless) midpipe Eibach lowering springs (spring rate unknown) Dieselgeek short shifter Euro cubby Yellow tinted fog light covers Clear side markers ECS poly dogbone insert...
  8. Cole2999

    Do I need adapters? - Sony XAV-AX100

    I did a brief search for this, and while I found a few posts talking about installing these head units, there's not much talking about what's needed, if anything. I'm going to be up against a deadline and won't have time to order adapters once I get the head unit in before my road trip. Are...
  9. Cole2999

    9500mi road trip! I need help and advice!

    For those concerned about my COVID-19 preparedness, see reference at the bottom Hey everyone! I find myself 3 weeks away from a 9500 mile road trip. I'm making lists of everything I need, and two of those lists are car-related maintenance and emergency equipment. tl;dr: What maintenance should...
  10. Cole2999

    WTB: Aftermarket catback for GTI

    If you've got one for sale lmk. There's a few in particular I'm looking for, namely: APR Milltek (resonated, race) AWE aFe Power COBB But if you've got one to sell, I will consider it. I'm primarily looking for resonated, but no muffler. I have two full OEM catback exhausts, and can include...
  11. Cole2999

    Fully parting out my 2dr DSG GTI -- **Shipping resumed!**

    TL;DR: selling every single piece of my fully stock parts car Hey guys! I'm parting out my spare GTI. I bought it for the engine to replace my blown motor. I've pulled the parts I needed and this is what's left. I'm accepting most reasonable offers, so don't be afraid to make one. Below are a...
  12. Cole2999

    *moved to parts*

    Moving this to parts classifieds as it's a parts car. Rolling chassis. Find me there
  13. Cole2999

    Longitudinal transmissions that match our 2.0t?

    New guy here. Been lurking and finally made an account to contribute. I recently blew up my 2013 GTI motor. As of yesterday, though, I also acquired a 2011 salvage-titled GTI with only 55k on the clock for parts. That engine and some body panels are being transplanted into my old car, but I do...