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  1. mycrors7

    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Looking to sell my set of OEM Porsche twists adapter friendly for 5x112 applications :) 18x7.5 +50 225/40 18x10 +65 265/35 Tires are decent condition. Front tires have some camber wear. Two fronts and one rear are pilot sport n3’s One rear tire is a pilot sport cup 2 Wheels have...
  2. mycrors7

    FS/FT BBS RE 776

    Hey guys, looking to sell or trade a pair of BBS RE I have BBS RE776 18x8.5 +56 5x130 One wheel has scratches on the inner barrel as pictured. Will entertain trades for 5x114 wheels, 5x112 wheels or e36 m3 parts Asking $600 obo picked up. Located in SoCal
  3. mycrors7

    wtb: stock 2.5l exhaust

    looking to purchase a stock mk6 golf 2.5l exhaust located in SoCal 90065
  4. mycrors7

    For Trade: MK6 Golf AWE Catback

    looking to TRADE my AWE catback for a stock mk5 rabbit or mk6 golf catback + $300 + shop cost to swap exhausts(or do it yourself? ive been having back problems and wont be able to do it myself :( ) price is negotiable This is a catback that will only fit MK5 Rabbits and MK6 Golfs. it will not...
  5. mycrors7

    Oem vw Denvers

    Selling my oem vw Denvers 17x7.5 et51 All the wheels have curb rash, nick's, etc. they're daily beaters. They balance true and have no cracks or bends. All the tires are worn Three at 2/32's One at 1/32 $150 picked up in SoCal near glendale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. mycrors7

    FT: candy white gti bumper for cw golf bumper

    looking to trade my candy white gti bumper for a golf bumper. my bumper isnt in the best shape. has scratches in the bottom corners. some dings near the tow hook area. has home depot lip looking to trade for $200 and a golf/tdi/jws bumper with fogs or $250 if you dont have fogs. prices are...
  7. mycrors7

    FS/FT Work Equip 05 SoCal

    Work equip 05 18x8 et47 (1.5" lip, 6.5" barrel) 18x8.5 et41 (2" lip, 6.5" barrel) faces are in good conditions. all the lips are rashed. quoted $150 to fix from son tran Factory gold hardware 5x114 $1650 obo SoCal only. Putting 2" lips on the 8" wheels will give it the same specs as the 8.5's...
  8. mycrors7

    The Official Photography Thread!

    caeapril 037shop by Sasquatch Snapshots, on Flickr
  9. mycrors7

    Feeler: golf r rear bumper and One Off Neuspeed Exhaust trade?

    Before you start reading, this is a complete feeler just to see what kind of offers I get. There is a 99% chance this won't happen, but if the offer is right you never know I have an OEM candy white Gf R Rear Bumper Passenger side has scratches with paint rubbed off. A paint pen can cover most...
  10. mycrors7

    FT: Candy White GTI Bumper plus Splitter

    looking to trade my GTI bumper and splitter for a euro r-line bumper or a golf r bumper(cash on my end) obviously painted candy white my bumper has a couple nicks from daily driving. the lower gray valance has a small dent from the previous owner. the bottom corners(mostly underneath) of the...
  11. mycrors7

    wtb: srs-tec fog grills

    title says it. looking for srs tec fog grills color doesnt matter, as long as it's fits fine.
  12. mycrors7

    What is this? LOL

    pretty fancy ECU there. almost looks like it was put there from the factory
  13. mycrors7

    SPM... What happened to you guys?

    So I recently contact SPM about a Golf R axleback in hopes of gaining a little bit insight on what they say. First response was fine. A little negative, but still okay. The second response I got was not so fine in my opinion I have contacted SPM in the past and know many many people who run...
  14. mycrors7

    FT: oem denvers

    looking to change things up looking for straight trades only. dont want any cash involved unless youre paying me cause my wheels are worth more than yours(i dont think thats possible unless you have steelies) not looking for steelies oem denvers all of them have curb rash and gash. front tires...
  15. mycrors7

    FS: MST Fxx-D rwd rc drift package

    hey guys, im in dire need of money and im getting rid of most of my rc collection i have for sale an mst fxx-d specs are as follows: Team Checkpoint 8.5t Brushless motor Speed Passion Reventon R Hitec 525MG MST Gyro no tx/rx chassis upgrades: Aluminum gear reduction housing Adjustable...
  16. mycrors7

    FS/FT OZ ultraleggera

    FS/FT: OZ Ultraleggera 18x8 et45 235/40 ventus v12 (id say 60-70% left. i will get exact depth measurements as soon as i get a chance $1000 with a full set of required bolts and RAD locks will trade for lightweight 17's or 18" OZ pegasus or futuras(hah in my dreams LOL) fastivus2015 116 by...
  17. mycrors7

    The Official Photography Thread!

    dat sparkle bobhopemeet 013 by Sasquatch Snapshots, on Flickr
  18. mycrors7

    Wtb stock golf r exhaust axleback

    Looking for a stock golf r exhaust or just the rear axleback portion of it Prefer local to SoCal Let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. mycrors7

    The Official Photography Thread!

    honestly, the current plastic fantastic is good enough for most people no way to tell if the new one is good until it comes out.
  20. mycrors7

    WTT: OEM GTI Fog Lights and Fog Grills for SRS TEC

    title says it looking to trade my oem gti fog lights and fog grills for the STS TEC fog light grille(fog delete) will add cash on top