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    Car and Driver "G.O.A.T."

    Hmm, both the Mk5 and Mk6 were the A5 chassis, while the Mk7 (and Mk8) are the MQB chassis, which is quite a bit different. There are lots of things I love about the Mk6, but the Mk7 does nearly all of them a little bit better. I wish the Mk8 wouldn't have continued the trend from the Mk6 and...
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    I believe you have my stapler.
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    Just bought a toy to compliment the GTI, NC Miata PRHT

    Absolutely true. I'm 6'2" and my NB involved removing the sun visors, taking lots of seat foam out, hammering out the firewall behind the drivers seat where the RHD fuel filler would have been and removing the stop for the seat rails. The ND is a little roomier than the NA/NB, but the NC is...
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    Need help with essay topic

    Is Brett Farve the father of fauvism? Or is it Anthony Hopkins?
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    2020 GTI mk8

    I wouldn't buy a first year, seems like they always add a lot more content and fix little things after the first year. Depending on weight and reviews, I'd consider a second year one.
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    2020 GTI mk8

    Nearly all of the decontented bits happened with the Mk7.5, so there's certainly a larger delta between the Mk7 and Mk7.5 than there appears to be between the Mk7.5 and the Mk8.
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    Any cyclist on here

    I used to live in Laguna, but I'm in Texas now. Was an Intense guy back then, leaning towards Evil this round. Miss the flow of trails there, but don't miss the goofy things like no lights near populated areas.
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    VW will only sell electric cars online.

    And I'll take an ID Buzz the second they're available. Make mine Cornflower.
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    VW will only sell electric cars online.

    Fine with me. I bought both of my VW's through emails and texts.
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    2020 GTI mk8

    Ha, faux honeycomb?
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    2020 GTI mk8

    Exactly. That's what I was responding to. The piano black actually stays looking cleaner, longer than the textured stuff. I keep a micofiber cloth in the center console and a quick wipedown leaves it looking clean longer than the older material, which somehow always looked smudged, even if it...
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    2020 GTI mk8

    Not true, actually holds up better than the goofy faux carbon in my Mk7.