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    Tapatalk not working with this URL

    I'm going to VWVortex more too. I wonder if they know about this.
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    Vehicle exchange program - Cardinals VW

    Its not a trap, its marketing. My dealership had an "Exchange Program" which I used to see what they would offer me for my trade. There's nothing in the ad thats "special". After they checked my car, I left and took my car to 3 other places. The "Exchange Program" turned out to be 3k more...
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    macOS Mojave and GolfMK7 forum font change

    Yeah, tried that already. The screenshot is at either 125% or 150%.
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    macOS Mojave and GolfMK7 forum font change

    What it used to look like: What it looks like now: It took some work to even get it to that.
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    macOS Mojave and GolfMK7 forum font change

    Anyone upgrade to Mojave and now the font on this forum (and other forums) changed to this terrible hard to read font? Can barely see the bold on unread posts. Can't seem to find out how to bring it back... :eek:
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    Them's fightin' words 'round here

    A reason to get a manual:
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    Audi S3 is awesome

    One reason to get the R over the S3 is resale value. The resale value of the Golf R is surprisingly better.