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    Sunglass holder rattle fix!

    Some of you have the dreaded sunglass holder rattle, even without sunglasses in the compartment. If you have a subwoofer in your car you've probably noticed the rattle even more. It's an obnoxious rattle, and the fact that it's so close to your ear makes it even worse. The good news is, it's...
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    Air vent clips

    Does anyone know how I can track down some metal retainer clips for the center air vent? I've searched the parts diagrams and can't seem to find the part number.
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    6 Speed shifter assembly removal

    Has anyone removed the shifter assembly from the interior of the car? I was running some USB cables to the armrest and dropped a screw. I'm pretty certain that the little guy fell into the void just in front of the shifter. I have fished around with a magnet, but with the assembly in the...
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    Which models shared motors

    I drive a 2014 GTI, so luckily for me the big issues like water pump, and timing chain tensioners are not relevant. My girlfriend is looking at a Tiguan from about 2011 to 2014, and I want to make sure she doesn't have a ticking time bomb. Did the Tiguan share the same motor during those...
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    After 1 year and 11k miles

    After owning the car just over a year, and driving it for 11k miles (bought the car with 23k miles), here are my thoughts on my 2014 Wolfsburg GTI. Styling: I can’t say really anything bad about the way this car looks, inside and out. One of the main reasons that I chose the GTI over some the...
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    Vag-Com RCD-310

    Hey everyone, I'm still getting to know the forum, so forgive me if I missed an existing thread, but my search didn't give me what I was looking for. I am doing a stereo build in my 2014 GTI and I would like to keep the stock RCD-310 head unit. A few months ago my Subaru was stolen and the...
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    Something is loose in my door…

    I have been working on a stereo upgrade (I’ll probably post the build here) and in the process of putting in new speakers in the front door I discovered that something is loose/broken and stuck in the door. I thought it was just the white tip of the door panel clips because one of those was...
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    Saying hi.

    Hello, I've recently started to consider getting myself a fun little GTI, so I'm here to read, and learn as much as possible before making up my mind. I'm currently driving a 2005 Impreza RS. The car has been great, it's slow, but it is fun to drive, and incredibly practical. I don't have...