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  1. autonoob

    2021 Ford Bronco

    I am not that sure if this topic exist on this forum section but feel transfer it. My dad has been talking about the comeback of Ford Bronco and he did send me this article. To my surprise, he also sends news about this car to my other siblings and now we are thinking that maybe he wants us to...
  2. autonoob

    FS: OEM Halogen Headlights

    Just a suggestion, you should probably attach photos on this thread instead of waiting for someone to send you a pm to see the quality of the product. Months have passed but up until now, these halogen headlights are still up for sale.
  3. autonoob

    AMMO -- Good Online Stores

    AmmunitionDepot is also a good shop to consider.
  4. autonoob

    K04 For Sale

    You should probably send him a personal message to find out, since he did not create any update for the last couple of months.
  5. autonoob

    The Official Instagram MK6 Picture Thread

    Alone in the parking lot and this car still looks nice even when it's raining.
  6. autonoob

    Karen Mask Rampage

    Karen is notorious for bragging about what they have and how much it costs. The ironic part is that they are totally empty inside, unhappy, miserable and have no life. She is likely suicidal with no friends and no family.
  7. autonoob

    Looking to buy a mk6

    You can also check some ads on Facebook Marketplace.
  8. autonoob

    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    This is what we have yesterday, cause it's the 4th of July. 🍽
  9. autonoob


    Will it be best to just purchase a rim online? I have recently purchased my trucks wheels on 4wheelonline.
  10. autonoob

    Official CANDY WHITE GOLF/GTI Thread...

    White stands out more at night, it is one of my favorite vehicle colors.
  11. autonoob

    ECS Virtual Car Show 2020: Quarantine Edition | ENTER NOW

    Some events are taking place online, I guess this will be a good car sho for the auto enthusiast.
  12. autonoob

    New Tires

    Continental ContiSportContact 5 P is what currently have on my car.
  13. autonoob

    Supernova Lighting

    Pros - Nice and bright. The beam pattern does a great job of not putting light where it isn't needed. - Solidly constructed. Should last a lifetime. - Standlight works well. - The side visibility lighting is a nice touch.
  14. autonoob

    Replacing front bumper cover; go OEM or aftermarket?

    For a bumper cover, an aftermarket part is probably just as good as OEM. The bigger factor is the body shop doing the work because they'll have to paint it to match. An average aftermarket part with a good paint job will be better than an OEM one with a mediocre paint job any day.
  15. autonoob

    Looking for OEM catted downpipe for 2012 Golf R

    I found one on EtekTuning and Ultimate-Racing. They are kind of expensive but sometimes you really pay more to get the performance that you want.
  16. autonoob

    Looking for Front lip & Intake!! MK6 GTI

    Have you tried to check eBay?
  17. autonoob

    Oil Pressure Issue

    Any leak within the oil passages of the engine can also result in low oil pressure. Some of the more common causes of an internal oil leak include worn piston rings and worn valve seals. In some cases, if the valve guides have excessive clearance, the excess space can lead to a reduction in oil...
  18. autonoob

    Loud screeching noise from engine bay

    An engine squeal, screeching or squeaking noise is usually one of the few things that can be wrong. Sounds of this nature are usually caused by a roller bearing going bad on one of the engine accessories such as an alternator, water pump, or idler bearing.
  19. autonoob

    What is your occupation?

    A web developer for an online shop.
  20. autonoob

    My New 2013 GTI

    It looks nice, congrats on your new car.