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  1. GolNat

    2021 Ford Bronco

    Looks great ✔ Nice interior ✔ Available in a manual ✔ Not a Jeep ✔ I don't ever see myself buying one but I like it. If I'm buying a Turd it's gonna be a Mustang. Five Ohh with a manual 🤘
  2. GolNat

    VCDS vs OBD 11

    Yes Rosstech's new pricing made the OBD11 choice easier also. I bought a used Android phone and the price with OBD11 was about $110. A used unlimited Rosstech cable goes for around $200 last time I was shopping for one. Carista is very, very limited. Only really good for disabling the honk on...
  3. GolNat

    Random forum(s) observation

    Started on Honda forums and they were a tremendous help so I figured I'd join a VW forum and it has not let me down. Well except for my wallet 😆 It was the plaid that got me interested. The feeling you get when you nail a perfect heel-toe....priceless.
  4. GolNat

    VCDS vs OBD 11

    I have been very pleased with OBD11. I have done coding and data logging with it. It can be more cumbersome then VagCom because it’s on a phone but they do the same thing. A lot of the VagCom info transfers over to OBD11. OBD11 is unlimited and they have it for iOS now. I’d buy a used RossTech...
  5. GolNat

    Looking for a GTI jorney

    No, no it's not.
  6. GolNat

    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Is this a VW thing? Never has an issue with the inside windshield before with any car and with the GTI there is a film like everyone is describing and it's annoying AF.
  7. GolNat

    The Official Cool Story Bro Thread

    A chick in a Chrysler 200. Did not expect that but I was surprised when I went passed and looked over 😆. Was definitely the V6. I walked her with ease in 5th but if I was stock wouldn’t have happened. 295HP @ 3500 pounds not too shabby for a family sedan. Fearless windshield banner, pink zebra...
  8. GolNat

    Is Mk6 gti Stage 2 worth it?

    Idk my IE intake is fire!! Sounds amazing and looks hella nice!! Uni tune is on point too.
  9. GolNat

    Don't you love these chevy commercials

    It’s Mahk!!! He is the best. Love Throttle House too. Great YouTube channel.
  10. GolNat

    Multimeter Question

    Most meters have built in protection. There should be a schematic somewhere but if it’s an LED it should be DC like stated above. AC current is not ideal for Light Emitting Diodes!
  11. GolNat

    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    If you are not tuned tho I’d consider a MK7 because they take it to the next level. A stage 2 is almost k04 levels MK6. If I knew that before dumping money into mine I might have waited and bit and picked up a MK7. I look at them sometimes and then have flashbacks of doing a clutch again...nope.
  12. GolNat

    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Add more power to the GTI. Are you tuned? Maybe time to go K04. I love the element of surprise a tuned GTI provides.
  13. GolNat

    torga's Daily Build - black, 6mt, two-door shenanigans

    If you are talking about those little bulbs between the headlights and DRL's those are the city lights. DRL on/off is enabled with OBD11 or VagCom then toggled on/off with the MFD. I have an automatic light sensor you can have. I'm not going to use it since I have my lights set to turn off...
  14. GolNat

    ST coilovers new open box - $780

    These are great for daily driving!! I have a set and they are excellent!! I got mine BNIB from a local.
  15. GolNat

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Even though I’m not a Chevy guy I gotta give credit where due and the LS is a great motor.
  16. GolNat

    ChiChat19: Adulting Chat, 7 Year Loans, Mohawks, Coolers, Big Turbos And More

    Yeah I have a HPA one that I bought off a local guy. Adds a nice subtle reduction without going too crazy. Adding a heavy Slammer shift knob brings to light how flimsy the OEM assembly is where a DG would help reduce all the slop that I can now feel. Like Jay said idk if I'd want to make it much...
  17. GolNat

    HPA Motorsports

    I don't prefer it per say as I have never tried it but from the people who have it they seem to really like it. I love my Unitronic tune tho. Some things to consider: Are you planning on running Ethanol blends? Do you want pops and crackles? No Lift Shift and launch control? Unitronic does...
  18. GolNat

    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    I run Redline in the GTI. Awesome oil and yes it's got a lot of moly in it from the UOA I had done.
  19. GolNat

    Any Track Rats Still Active?

    I'm just wondering if running a higher level (Group 5) synthetic oil with more friction modifiers like Moly would help keep it cooler. These engines seem to shear the hell out of some oil. Testing is certainly the best way to check. I have sent a few samples in.
  20. GolNat

    HPA Motorsports

    If I wasn't Unitronic I'd go COBB Accessport and Stratified tune.