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    High coolant temps

    Hey Everyone Went through the whole summer with 90+ degree days and I never had a coolant issue or heard my fans turn on after turning off my car until yesterday which was only about 65-70 ambient temp. About an hour later I drove the car and kept an eye on my coolant temps and driving around...
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    Cam Follower Mistake

    Hey Folks, made a whoopsie and rounded off the schrader valve on the HPFP for my golf R. We tried putting a 12mm wrench on it (originally a 13) and it still rounded off. I saw someone said use a socket instead of wrench so we'll try that I guess but whats behind those 2 security torx bits? If I...
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    WTB Candy White Hood

    I need a candy white hood. Any condition is probably better than what I'm sporting right now. Interested in black or carbon fiber hoods as well if price and location is right
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    Hood replacement

    My buddy's kick stand on his bike fell off on the highway and hit my candy white hood and dented it. Can I use a mk5 gti or Jetta hood on my mk6? The hoods look very similar and would widen my search a bit more
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    Possible Sirocco import idea

    So I'm pretty sure this has been brought up somewhere but its impossible to google search without other irrelevant results. And this is just a shot in the dark I probably have no idea what I'm talking about BUT people take a Holden UTE right and put in on some Pontiac that is legal in the USA...
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    Subframe clunk

    Anyone try this fix? I ordered the 2 bolts for this and will try it on my R tonight or this weekend for my clunk issues. Figured the Mk5 is a closer platform to the Mk6 R than the Mk6 GTI
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    Max Boost Pressure

    Just installed a P3 gauge on my APR stage 2 R and when testing it out the gauge read at max 32 PSI for boost. Is that ok/normal? I know boost pressures should be higher if you're tuned but 32 seems a little high on stock internals
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    Passenger side knocking/clunk

    Got my clutch done by a shop I usually don't go to and when I got it back a week later there was a clunk every time i turn hard brake hard or accelerate hard. The clunk sounds like its coming from the passenger side of the car. I brought the car to my usual mechanic and he suggested tranny...
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    Plastic tail light trim

    Hello Everybody I stored my LED tails with the special trim different from the OEM ones and then when I went to go take them out of storage I couldn't find the plastic trim pieces. Does anyone have any part numbers on the aftermarket trim as the OEM trim piece doesn't fit with the aftermarket...
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    Battery light on

    Hey guys, so last night I was sitting in a parking lot and my battery light came on. Went immediately home and turned the car off and back on and the light still came on. On my way into work the light shut off then turned back on as I was pulling into the parking lot. I haven't had time to run...
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    Second fan not kicking in

    Just picked up a Golf R and everything is going seemingly well although I noticed in traffic that there was a very loud whirring sound, popped the hood to find out its the large fan working harder because the second one won't kick on. Should I just replace the fan or test fuses first? I viewed...
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    Motegi Racing MR118 wheels

    Selling my wheels that I had on a MK6 GTI. Crashed the car and one wheel was damaged, selling a set of 3. 2 tires are on their way out but can probably last another month or two, the other tire has good tread on it. Bolt battern is 5X112, 45 Offset, 18x8 inch rim, 72.60 hub bore. Wheels cost...
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    Retrofit headlights

    Hi, I'm looking around for places that do custom retrofits for the Golf R. I've contacted a few people so far to see if they can pull off the OSRAM headlight look at a cheaper price with possibly more features like RGB strips. My question is does anyone have any recommendations of people that do...
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    Golf R Instrument cluster into a GTI

    I have an 11' GTI and found a cheap instrument cluster from a totaled 13' Golf R. I read a thread somewhere saying this is a plug and play conversion but can't find the thread again to confirm no coding is needed. Will I run into any issues just removing my instrument cluster and putting in the...
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    Interior LED question

    Seen only a few people change the LED colors in the interior so I know its possible but I'm just getting a shopping list for preparation. My question is, what type of LED's do I need. I know most are PLCC-2 but what size do I need and what luminous intensity matches OEM? I was thinking about...
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    Drivers side window squeak

    Pretty sure its a window regulator but I don't want to be charged $100 by a dealership just for a diag and my mechanic is probably tired of seeing me. My drivers side window squeaks like a b!tch in the summer but goes away in the winter for some reason. I bought the car in the winter so I...
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    Depo Golf R LED Tail Lights-Black Cherry

    Going through my bookmarks of golf things and found this, decided to revisit the link and saw they only have 4 left! They even dropped the price to $300, get em while they last:
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    Local Vagcom

    Anyone here local to MA/NH that has vagcom? Got new tail lights and these warning messages are making me anxious
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    Power ratings

    I have no real plans to get above 400 horses but in the event I want more power, what are my limitations of the car? What would go first if you keep adding power? I have a 6MT and was trying to find the torque rating for it but couldn't find much. I know the clutch can't hold more than stock...
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    Another water pump failure

    Yup, I'm part of it too and out of warranty and at 150k on the odometer but 56k on the engine (swapped) I just got this engine swapped too and the only issue is this now. Everything should be updated including the timing chain tensioner so this could be the only thing left (fingers crossed) The...