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    WTB - GTI rear diffuser (preferably maxton design)

    Just as the title states
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    Lot of stuff

    Parts have about 30k miles on them. Coming off a 2013 driver's edition GTI oem intake - $50 oem 6spd shifter - $100 oem front/rear springs - $50 oem rear sway bar - $50 oem taillights - $150 oem orange side markers (from front bumper) - $15 Prices negotiable and do not include shipping Text...
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    DoubleApex Garage kit

    Hey guys, selling my unused garage door kit with 2 buttons. Would cost you $180 on the website but I am selling for $130. I will cover shipping and any other associated fees. Will do the transaction through paypal or venmo. Thanks. Contact - or 5402095206
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    BFI Shift knob (PIC thread)

    Post pics of your BFI shift knobs!
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    Eurojet intercooler (please share experience)

    Looking at buying one and wanna hear how well they perform in comparison to s3, apr, unitronic, etc.
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    Eurojet intercooler (please share experience)

    Looking at buying a eurojet intercooler. If you had one or still do please share your experience with it. My plans are stage 2 protune and i will be living in Atlanta, GA so the temp. do get up there. Im thinking the s3 wont' be enough.
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    short shifter + bushings

    Hey fellas, needs some quick opinions. Just installed the s3 short shifter. Don't notice too much of a difference but hey, it was only 50 bucks. I recently heard about bushings being a great addition for a nice tight feels. 95% of people say 42dd so thats what im going with. However there are...
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    So are the later models (2012-2014) restricted from having the gauge sweep or what? The damn vagcom thread is so outdated and misleading. Some people say it won't work, others say they got it to work. If you got it to work and your car is 2012+, please share. I plan on borrowing a vagcom soon so...
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    anyone in VA, within an hour or so of Harrisonburg have a Vagcom i could borrow. Im willing to pay.
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    WTB: Spacers

    Hey fellas, just lowered my car and need some spacers. Looking for 10-15mm with bolts. Feel free to PM me or text 540-209-5206.
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    Please look at this lol

    Tell me whoever posted this video is not a complete dumbass lol. How in the world is a stock evo, which probli makes ~220-230whp gonna take a k04 gti with ~330whp that also weighs less? So people are just so damn ignorant.
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    WTB catted downpipe

    Looking for eurojet, BB, APR, CTS catted downpipe. Must have 3 o2 bungs to fit cbfa.
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    What's up fellas. Im wondering if aftermarket engine/trans mounts and a pendulum mount are necessary for stage 2 (custom tune). Or if one is more necessary then the other or is all the same?
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    WTB a RSR clutch kit

    Plan on going stage 2 asap and need a clutch to handle it lol. Not looking for anything used unless it was hardly used at all.
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    Clutch discussion

    Hey guys, Ive been trying to look for a new clutch that will be able to handle stage 2 with a custom tune using the AP from cobb. The problem is, all the clutch discussions on here or other VW forums are so outdated (2-3 years old). So id like to start a new discussion with more recent opinions...
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    Raced a DSG with a Manual

    As the title states, i raced a buddy of mine with a 2012 DSG. His mods were a Megan Catback and a evoMS intake. I was completely stock. We did a roll race from 20-90mph. To my surprise, we were dead even, i may have even been half a fender ahead. I've read all over that DSG is supposed to be...
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    Coilover suggestions

    Im on a budget so currently looking at Fk streets, highsports, and ST X. Which is the best bang for my buck? Not looking for a big drop at all. Probli around 1.5inch front and back. Without sacrificing much of the stock comfort feel.
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    Intake question

    So i bought an evoMS intake off my buddy with a 2012 gti (ccta) and put it on my 2013 gti (cbfa). On his car it sounded really good, sounded like a quieter version of a subi/supra blowoff. He's stock aside from a megan racing catback. When i put it on mine, just makes a plain hiss sound. What...
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    NEED HELP... Is my car lowered??

    Hey guys, i recently bought a 2013 autobahn and cannot figure out if its already lowered on springs or if the autobahn comes lower from the factory compared to other GTIs. Ive asked a few friends who are MK6 Gti owners as well and they can't figure it out either. Is there any sure way to tell...
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    WTB a downpipe

    Hey guys, just like the title says I need a catted downpipe. Just bought a GTI for the first time and need to start making some power. Let me know what you got.