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  1. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    One more suv is coming to the market (Hummer EV) - With the info released, i think it will be a great rival to the upcoming Rivians.
  2. vj123

    Few suggestions

    Hello Mods, i am not sure if below issues were considered in the past. - Buyer / Seller feedback section in classifieds. - Way to contact mods (through email or any other means) if we are locked out of the forum. I am bringing up issue 2 as i was banned from the forum couple of months back...
  3. vj123

    Station wagon sales

    Station wagon sales have increased by 29% last year. Will this make OEMs to bring in some exciting cars to our shore.
  4. vj123

    How much driving is a lot?

    Million miles in 5 years is a quite impressive feat.
  5. vj123

    Manufacturing video - Honda Accord

    It was an interesting video capturing the whole manufacturing process.
  6. vj123

    VW in news

    Ford and VW alliance may turn into a merger Volkswagen to Sell Cars Online From 2020 in Europe...
  7. vj123

    Dealer with a test track

    Subaru dealer in IL (Gerald Subaru of Naperville) has its own test track and that an interesting concept.
  8. vj123

    Ford is replacing head gaskets on all current gen Focus RS

    Ford Announces Official, Free Fix for Controversial Focus RS Head Gasket Failures. Problem thread in Focus RS forum is just 298 pages long...
  9. vj123

    No manual transmission option in 2018 Jetta GLI

    VW kills manual transmission in 2018 Jetta GLI. Article says it might come back with 2019s.
  10. vj123

    Hyundai Shopper Assurance

    I came across Hyundai's Shopper Assurance program and found that to be interesting. This limited to certain regions now and eventually expanded. Highlights: - Transparent Pricing: Dealer provides their final price up front on their website. - Flexible Test Drive: Dealer to bring the vehicle...