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  1. Grabbit

    P0234 After K04 Install and IE tune

    I just got done doing a mountain of work on my GTI. New cylinder head with IE springs, new CTS K04 (BW), new DSG clutches and MFactory diff. I got it running yesterday but didnt drive it until tonight. And that's where the fun ended.... I was APR stage 2 before the K04 so I thought a short test...
  2. Grabbit

    DSG Clutch Adaption Needed?

    So I'm getting ready to fire up my GTI for the first time in a few months after pulling the motor and trans for some extensive work. As far as the trans goes, I put in a limited slip diff and a new set of OEM clutches. My question is whether or not I must do the clutch adaption and if so which...
  3. Grabbit

    Share your best office prank....

    I'll start. Co-worker had the nerve to go on vacation for a week so we filled his cubi with balloons.....
  4. Grabbit

    Anyone have issues installing subframe collars with Super Pro rear bushings?

    I'm installing a VWR front control arm bushing kit that is actually a re-branded Super Pro kit but I cannot get the rear bushings/housings to play nice with my ECS subframe locking collars. Anyone else run into this with aftermarket rear mounts and locking collar kits? Or am I just going to have...
  5. Grabbit

    DSG LSD Install: Diff Bearing Preload Procedure?

    As title states, I'm in search of the procedure using shims in the trans housing to properly set the differential bearing pre-load. I downloaded a bunch of docs from erWin a few weeks ago and VW doesn't really have good documentation on internal trans maintenance. I've had to wing it up until...
  6. Grabbit


    Went with a new head. Delete
  7. Grabbit

    Anyone Replace Balance Shafts?

    If so, any advise on doing this? It looks pretty straight forward. I've done the chains on my motor so I'm loosely familiar. I'm not having any issues commonly related to these going bad. I just took the head off my engine due to an exhaust manifold stud that broke off in the head on the #1 cyl...
  8. Grabbit

    TSI Head Gasket Parts List?

    Hey Guys and Gals. So I shot myself in the foot over the holiday weekend.... I thought I'd install my K04 all quick like but I ended up with a broken exh manifold stud in the head that is pretty fubarr'd. I'll likely be pulling the head if I cant get it out and I wanted to make sure I'm ordering...
  9. Grabbit

    Should I replace water pump during de-carb?

    I plan on doing my second de-carb soon and I'm wondering if I should preemptively change the water pump while I got the manifold off. My 10' GTI has what I believe is the factory water pump. I bought the car with 28k and I have never had any leaking or other issues. At 115k now and I do plan on...
  10. Grabbit

    K04 Turbo Outlet Pipe Options?

    Just curious if there are any K04 specific turbo outlet pipe options other than the Neuspeed and CTS options. If not, which one are people running and what are your experiences? I've read there were some fitment issues on early Neuspeed models but I'm not sure if this has been resolved or not...
  11. Grabbit

    Anyone run multiple K04 tunes???

    As title states, anyone run different K04 tunes and can share their experience/comparison? I'm a DSG owner with a K04 sitting on the shelf debating options...
  12. Grabbit

    What Swaybar End Links are Needed (if any) for 24" FTG Drop??

    As title states, I'm installing a set of replacement coil-overs on a daily driven, non-tracked mk6 GTI and I'm not sure what is needed (if any) in the way of sway bar end links for a fairly low, 24" FTG stance. I'm replacing a set of blown WRD coils that came with their own end links for the...
  13. Grabbit

    K04 on stock cat-back??

    Has anyone ran a K04 on stock catback setup? I'm thinking of going K04 this spring. I currently have a stg1 APR tune, intake and ARM FMIC with an SPM street TBE (without a cat). I ran the stg1 tune with just an intake and downpipe before putting on the SPM TBE setup and I didn't notice any gains...
  14. Grabbit

    LC2i & Dynaudio: Where to tap

    Should I tap into the pre-amp speaker wires coming off of the headunit (RNS510) or tap into amplified speaker lines from the Dynaudio amp under the driver's seat? I'm thinking off of the head unit would possibly give a cleaner signal. Thoughts?
  15. Grabbit

    WTB: Golf/GTI side-mount sub enclosure

    As title states, looking for a side-mount sub enclosure for a 10-12" sub. Not interested in a below floor setup or traditional boxes/subs. Looking for seller to ship or in Seattle area.
  16. Grabbit

    WTB: Eonon Head Unit

    As title states, looking for an Eonon head unit for my 2010 GTI with Dyna Audio. Looking for the GA5153 or GA7153 with the factory like buttons. Not interested in the GA6153 unless its super cheap... :thumbsup:
  17. Grabbit

    Best fix for stock GTi w subframe pop/shift issue?

    I have a stock Mk6 that has this issue every so often, oddly enough mostly in warm weather. I've read quite a few threads on the issue and I see there are quite a few options for fixing it. Just wondering what would work best for a completely stock MK6 that is mostly used for commuting, not...
  18. Grabbit

    New type of LED tail light?

    Or just tinting.....? The right and left cars seem to have the turn signal tinted the same color as the rest of the tail light. I also like how they aren't as dark as the middle car. These would be perfect on a TR Mk6..
  19. Grabbit

    What LOC are people using for aftermarket amps?

    Getting ready to install my RE Audio 12 and sub amp. Just curious what type of Line Output Converter people are using to hook up their amps to the factory system. I've got Dynaudio if that helps. Fancy $100 plus converter or a $20 special?
  20. Grabbit

    2010-12 4dr GTI, DSG with conv package. How much should I pay?

    I'm looking for a 2010-12 4dr GTI, DSG with sunroof/convenience package. (black or TR). Just wondering what people are actually paying for something with 15k-25k miles on it. For some reason I've seen a bunch of base 12s on the market in my area. All in all most seem to be way overpriced in my...