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    Japanese TV tuner UK?

    Hi all, I hope your well and knowledgable lol. I have recently acquired a MK 6 Japanese import Golf, it’s a R however it’s a general question. It came as standard with a factory fitted RNS510, TV tuner and reversing camera. The TV tuner does not work, it just shows some kind of test chart...
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    What’s your best MPG in sensible mode?

    Just thought I would share this with you guys, Ive recently completed a long trip, with cc set to 65mph (I know this completely defeats the object of having a R) with DSG and I recently got 36.9mpg! I am genuinely Over the moon with this, the R is a everyday car!
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    Hello, im

    Hi all, I’m Jim and new here. I’ve finally got the car I’ve been after for the last 9 years, a 2011 mk6 R! It’s mint and a great replacement for my 4motion TDI mk5! I’ve ran VCDS and I’ve got two faults as below, the TV tuner and CD changer. It has a TV Tuner as it’s a Japanese import, it’s...