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    b5 S4 Avant vs mkiv r32

    I have read the 2.7l can be a money pit to maintain, but I do love the wagon and have always loved the power from them once tuned...but I also love the r32 and the hatch and it should be easier to maintain What are some thoughts/opinions from you guys, this will be a daily driver
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    FS: 2010 CW GTI 6 spd, 2 door, Bi-Xenon, Sunroof

    For sale is my 2010 GTI asking $21,500 ***SOLD*** - 23,750 miles - 2 door - 6 speed manual transmission - Bi-Xenon headlamps - Sunroof - RCD-510 stereo - PA inspection until 4/2012 - Cloth interior Aftermarket: (Prices paid) - Fully loaded APR stage 2 flash ($690) - Ultimate Racing downpipe...
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    Euro89's car in Ebay add? Did someone use euro89's car for their advertisement? Or did you know...
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    VW Temporary Auto Pilot

    pretty cool stuff....
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    Color Matched Bumper Insert

    Just got my bumper insert back on the car, I think it looks great and can't wait to get the grille back from the body shop
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    Sub-frame Bracing, Chassis Stiffening

    I was searching vortex for UNIbrace threads when someone mentioned Ultra Racing, I checked out there stuff, seems interesting, anyone have any experience with their parts? Link to the website I found selling the stuff...
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    Polo R WRC

    Polo R for WRC Looks pretty awesome, I would love a polo r for sure
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    My blog Check it out, just pictures, I will update it twice a day with new cartoons
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    Data Logging (non-vagcom)

    I am using the Torque android app, when I log data it just gives it to me as a CSV file (Excel), I am looking for some help on what values to plot to give me a better understanding of how my engine is performing (load vs mass air flow?) I want to be able to establish some base lines for future...
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    VAG Com

    Anyone in the area of scranton/wilkes-barre that would be willing to let me borrow a vag com cable?? I want to collect data with different air intake setups to really see if there are any advantages to certain intake designs.
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    Custom Intake

    The pictures aren't that great but I tried to document my progress the best I can, tonight was the first night working on it, I'm hoping to have it done by the end of this weekend, it all depends on me getting the material though. My goal for this was to make an intake that looks like it could...
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    Scirocco to the US? not sure if anyone saw this yet, since we have confirmation on the golf r, might as well get something new to hope and wait for
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    AWE Boost Gauge Install

    I didn't take any progress photos of the install, it was pretty straight forward with AWE's directions, the only thing I did different was to leave the intake in instead of removing it...Here are the installed pics, if anyone has any questions just ask
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    Ultimate Racing Down Pipe

    Pictures from the install of my Ultimate Racing downpipe, it was my first dp install and went really, took me right around an hour and half...If anyone wants any advice or tips from when I did mine just ask
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    VW R GmbH Tour (talks of Golf R coming to the U.S.)

    An article I found, anything that talks of the Golf R coming to the U.S. I like to read and some really nice shots of VW's....This is the second article I have read that talks about the Golf R coming here and being announced at the Detroit Auto Show...
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    Ultimate Racing Downpipe Ordered

    Just ordered my Ultimate Racing downpipe today, recieved the trackign information and it shoudl be here the 27th :thumbup: thats pretty much all, I'm just real pumped for it, pics and vids of unpacking and install to follow in the engine/drivetrain section when I actually get a chance to do it
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    rs4 Reps

    Some quick shots of my new wheels, rs4 reps...not sure about the audi center caps but they work for now till I figure out what I am gonna do there
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    Too Sweet, Saw this on my way home

    Wish I was able to check the car out but that pic will do, hope I see it around town again sometime
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    Love this car

    I think I can do better too, driving +/-5 mph the speed limit with 5-8 miles of city driving as well