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  1. Kickerdank

    Catless downpipe without tune

    So I am currently running an APR "stage 2" intake on my stock 2011 GTI with no problems. I've recently bought a 3inch catless downpipe to be exact. What additional parts do I need to allow my car to run properly without a check engine light until I can...
  2. Kickerdank

    Looking to buy vag-com

    Hello I'm looking into buying a vag-com and was wondering which is the most recommended brand to buy. I have a 2003 passat 1.8t and a 2011 gti 2.0t Seen this but not sure if the price is good or if another brand gets the job done for less.
  3. Kickerdank

    MK6 GTI new owner

    Hello I recently purchased a 2011 GTI with what I believe to be a stage 2 APR intake. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me identify what exactly is installed already from these pics so I can determine what I should do next. Thanks in advance!!