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    Rear Brake Light Turn Signal Out

    We recently start having bulb out indicator on the dash, with the right side Brake Light and Turn Signal intermittently stop working. So far keeping the right side hatch area liner partially open, allows us to reach in and wiggle the connector gets things working again and sometimes slapping the...
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    SOLD: Set of Hawk HPS Pads, Front

    SOLD: Hawk HPS Front Pads, fits GTI and Golf 2.5. Brand new $100
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    Rocket Bunny Kit for MK6

    I recently saw an interesting Rocket Bunny wideboby Kit on a MK7 in Daytona. I found the MK6 version on YouTube.
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    Whats Up with Integrated Engineering.... .

    My Buddy bought a Stage1 Tune for his Golf 2.5 during the IE Black Friday Sale two weeks ago and got no response from Integrated Engineering for over a week until I sent an email to Peter the CEO, then all he did was get Ellie to email my friend. Things still haven't gotten any better, my friend...
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    Next Gen OBD Eleven Now Available

    Saw this over at VW Vortex, if anyone needs OBD Eleven for Apple IOS, it's HERE. "The next generation of OBDeleven hardware is faster, more powerful and most importantly adds the option for iOS (Apple) devices. The OBDeleven is a device that allows Volkswagen and Audi diagnostic, fault code...
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    Is this Golf R with a 2.5 Turbo engine on this Forum?

    Found this Video of this MK6 Golf R with a 2.5 Turbo engine and was wondering if the Owner or the car is represented on the GolfMK6 Forum.
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    Added Carplay and Android Auto to my Android Head Unit

    After a three week wait our Eonon Carplay/A-Auto USB Dongle finally arrived for the Eonon GA6153W Android Radio in the Golf. It's supposed to work on other Android Head Units as well. Link to APK File: Installed the APK file and plugged the dongle...
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    New Source for Used 5x112 Wheels... BMW

    If you're looking for Used 5x112 wheels you may want to check out Used BMW wheels. If you weren't aware, New BMW are transitioning to 5x112 with 66.56 Center Bore. Good quality sport wheels that are in most cases lighter than the stock "boat anchor" VW Wheels. The change over began with i3/8...
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    Best CA$ Price on Wheel (Lug) Bolts for VW

    This Canadian winter really did a number on the VW Wheel Bolts, most of them are unsightly rusty. Been looking for replacements but paying over $100 CA$ for a new set of Bolts really "sucks". Anyway I found these OEM VW Wheel Bolts at a great CA$ price, even paying Shipping and Tax I'm saving...
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    Video of a tear down of a VW 2.5 engine

    Here is an interesting video of a tear down of a VW 2.5 engine, it's in spanish but serves the purpose. Notice how TDC is near the Timing Chain side of the engine. This video may not be of immediate interest but as these engines age... . Cheers
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    Looking for Salvageable/Repairable GTIs use this site

    Helped a buddy find a great salvageable Porsche he can use as a beater, :D thought I would share the site we used. If you are handy enough and willing to put the work in, you can find some great Salvageable/Repairable cars HERE. Ie. Audis are usually a great find coz they have alot of...
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    DIY Replacing Alternator on the 2.5

    A friend replaced the alternator on his car, this video was pretty helpful I though I'd post it here for anyone who needs to R&R the Alternator on the Mk6 Golf.
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    Interesting article on VW Tail Lights

    Interesting article on VW Tail Lights but can apply to the headlights as well. Moderator feel free to move this to the appropriate section.
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    MLUE1 Intake for the VW 2.5

    I got a few PMs regarding parts I used to build my Intake so though it best to answer by making this post. Most prices are in CA$, US prices can be cheaper depending on where you buy them BUT it can be built for under $100 if you take your time sourcing the parts. These are the Items I used to...
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    New Car Thefts

    Just an FYI on how to keep your New Car safe from theft. Our Mk6s may or may not have Keyless Entry/Starting but your other cars maybe easy targets. Simply keeping your Car Keys at the back of the house or as far away from...
  16. M Black Friday Black Friday Sale, 20% off online orders with 1/2 price shipping, nothing to sneeze at if you need the parts fast and Canadian$, especially now that our Dollar is down in value. Use the promo code BLACK2018
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    How VW Chocked the Performance of the 07K 2.5 Engine

    It has been said many times that VW limited the performance of the 07K 2.5 Engine, so it wouldn't pillage sales from the GTI; and Automobile Journalists comment on how lazy this engine is. It maybe late in the game for this engine but I wanted to document some of this info. The 2.5 in the MK5...
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    Rear Diffuser, what do you guys think?

    Our Golf 2.5 has the GTI Exhaust with Rear Valance, my Son sent me this video tonight. I'm not sold on it, looks a bit "Cafe" and cheap, what do you think? When I think rear Diffuser I think of something like this, proper Rear Diffuser based on Bernoulli's equation...
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    Ontario Drive Clean Program DONE next April

    The Ontario Drive Clean Program DONE next April.:thumbsup:
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    Excessive Oil Consumption being addressed by Audi Canada

    I heard from a Audi Tech at Midtown Audi that they are replacing Piston and Rings in 2.0T engines in the Audis in Canada with excessive oil consumption. Just throwing this out there for what it worth, I'm not sure if this is a Canada only or just Audi treating their Customers right (and not sure...