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    DG springs

    Is there anyone running DG springs specifically the 4dr MT version on a 4dr DSG? Trying to see FTG measurements or pictures.
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    Fs: Delete

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    WTB: Unitronic DV relocation kit

    As the title states, I'm looking for one if anyone has one available
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    FS: APR RSC catback

    FS: Unfortunately i have to let go of my APR(Corsa) RCS cat back, One of the best sounding exhaust for our platforms. Im letting it go for $550 All clamps are included as well as APR reducer to mate to stock exhaust sleeve. Some scuffs from its daily use but overall in great shape ****SOLD I...
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    FS: Cobb Accessport

    FS: Cobb Accessport with everything included, hardshell carrying case, accessory mount, 2 faceplates he's never used the 2nd one, the device itself and ODB cable. He's had it for a year selling for a friend that's going back to stock. $500 firm buyer pays shipping and PP fees. Ill attach Photos...
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    GTI front bumper repair

    Long story short. Someone back up into me and cause a pretty deep scratch on the driver side thats about 3-4 inches long. Does anyone know a good repair/body shop to get it fixed pluss touch up some rock chips.
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    ECS Catch can

    FS: ECS Tuning oil baffled catch can Im selling my ECS Oil baffled catch can, include the entire kit needed to install. Bought new and had it for approximately 8 months. Does have a few imperfections because of installation and everything cleaned to the best of my abilities. Sold...
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    FEELER koni coilover w/ upgraded Linear springs

    FEELER: I've been playing with the idea or going back to my stock suspension due to me needing he cash to replace and fix my valve cover, upper and lower timing chain covers and dsg clutches (eventually) , so i would be selling my koni coil overs. they have aprox. 20K miles on them. Ive also...
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    WTB Neuspeed fmic

    Anyone has one for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Koni yellow with h&r SS

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    FS endlinks

    Im selling my FK endlink, bought new to replace my oem one that I thought was making noise but it wasn’t. Only used for about 500mi or less. $40- buyer pays paypal fees and shipping Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Turbosmart dual port BOV

    As the title states, purchased new and used for a few months( about 5000mi give or take). While I enjoyed have this installed I enjoyed the bov noise and having the ability to turn it into a recirculating valve was a neat feature. Went back to the DV+ because the original boost tap was leaking...
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    VWR or H&R

    Im debating changing my current set up, which is Koni yellow+ h&r SS. been looking and researching for a few weeks now and Looking to go with the VWR. At first i love the drop i got from the supersport and the ride quality is debatable (CA roads) and at times it feel a little bouncy, I have my...
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    Is it good/ bad for your car to be sitting on bump stops?

    First of, i’ve had my care lowered on koni yellow with H&R SS for a while now and been contemplating getting coils, long story short i came across a thread and mentioned its bad for you car to sit on bump stops, which lead me to look at mine and from what i can tell the front is fine but the...
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    FS: GFB DV+

    As the tittle says, im selling my DV+, its just been sitting in my room for a few months. Nothings wrong with it i just went back to revD DV. Asking price is $80 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its just not my luck, timingching, injectors, carbon build up

    Okay i dont know where to start. Lets see.... okay so about 2 weeks ago i goot my car to get the full timing chain done along with intake manifold replacement and a carbon cleaning. Fast forward 2 weeks later after the it was completed( long story ����) we started the car up and it was fine...
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    ECS Tuning scratch and dented.

    does anyone have any experience with buying ECS products that are scratch and dented? ive been looking for an intercooler upgrade and came across a APR intercooler on sale for $374. which is a hell of a deal. but its only on sale because its scratch and dented. this is one of the few parts that...
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    FS: Magnaflow 3" Cat back

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    Weird squeaking/ squirrel noise

    So recently I noticed a squeaking noise, it sounds like metal on metal. coming form my front passenger side wheel. It happen if i let the car move forward/reverse on it own without applying break pressure. Could it be the break pads? I have had the stoptech pads for about 5000 miles. Haven't...
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    Anyone has a vagcom cable for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk