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    FS- AWE Carbon Fiber intake

    Discontinued AWE CF intake for MK6 Tdi $250 located NJ
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    Feeler FS NJ Part Out

    Pretty sure car is totaled so I have some goodies... AWE CF Tdi intake $250 Kerma tdi turbo hose SOLD Euro Rear Valance $150 Front Honey comb grill $50 Has cracked tab Blue tint blind spot mirrors $75 Trunk Shelf lid- $50 Trunk Cargo Net $25 Stock Tdi mfsw with airbag $150 Tdi engine...
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    FS- Steering Wheel, R Pedals, Deck lid, cargo net

    Pretty sure car is totaled so I have Trunk Shelf lid- $50 Trunk Cargo Net $25 Stock Tdi mfsw with airbag $150
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    First CEL since purchased lol P0638

    So just tuned it last week been driving fine. Went to dinner tonight and upon starting coil was flashing and cel was on. Started fine and drove pretty fine home. Wasnt sputtering or limp mode.... seemed like it was at 90%. The P0638 is the only code, after clearing it, it came right back. Known...
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    Tdi Malone stg2 vs 328

    Dont know what he had besides tint but we rolled off a light from 20-110 and kept him about a car length behind me the whole time. First street pull since i bought her. ? looking at specs of a ‘16 328, turbo 4, 240/255. Fair match up
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    Recommendation for Tdi work

    Looking to get a # on installing rawtek downpipe and delete the “fix” bullsh*t on my mk6 golf. Located in Central NJ. (I know Billy at A2B does NOT get involved with TDi’s)
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    Halogen to Xenon Adapters

    So i came across these, says all you need is coding. I havent come across any halogen to xenon coding that i remember. I did my tail lights and that was perfect. Thinking about doing these if it’s legit.
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    Halogen Adjustment?

    So i upgraded to LED on my 2011 Golf. And im noticing they are pointed high and to the right. I looked up on google and here but the old right ups pictures dont work. Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Airbag wiring harness for swap

    So im swapping my wheels. 2011 golf tdi to a golf R. Both 6sp, so no paddles and both are multifunction. the R wheel required a different harness which I have below and different airbag, also pictured..not sure exactly where the black connections go and the odd piece i circled?
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    Fs- Euro Golf R tails Oem Hella NJ

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    Golf Seats - NJ

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    Can I reuse this Steering wheel ?

    Someone had told me the actual wheel is not useable after the airbag deployed? I thought if i get a new airbag it would be fine?
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    Wet A pillar and Rear Headliner

    So i just bought this Golf a couple weeks ago... and its been raining in NJ all day. Get in car and the A pillar is dripping. Scan the whole roof and so is the back corner where the hatch wiring snakes through. I checked the wiring plug and its solid and completely in. The A pillar seem the...
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    ABT A25’s or any ABT

    Anyone have Abt’s on their mk6? Love to see how they look