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    FS: JVC Kenwood KW-V830BT Headunit (CarPlay / Android Auto) Plus EXTRAS

    FS: JVC Kenwood KW-V830BT Headunit (CarPlay / Android Auto) Plus EXTRAS LOWERED AGAIN Selling a really good package of stuff along with the JVC/Kenwood Unit Android Auto / Apple Carplay work flawlessly and it even plays videos while moving. Includes: KW-V830BT Headunit (rated 4.9 out...
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    FS: Cobb AccessPort

    FS: '12 GTI Cobb AccessPort LOWERED PRICE SOLD
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    Coolant drip - radiator? (pics)

    Hey guys. I've had a slow coolant drip for about 4 or 5 months now and yesterday I finally just took the belly pan off to investigate. It's about 2 drops on the ground per day. I know that water pumps are known POS's but as far as I can tell this looks more like radiator? Let me know what...
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    Surging. Help please (logs attached)

    So over the past 3 months I've gone from bone stock to: Red coils catless 3 inch downpipe COBB Intake COBB Accessport Stage 2 tune stage 3 SBS drop in clutch disc I've also had the intake manifold replaced by the dealer and the valve cleaning performed. I noticed shortly after installing the...
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    Stage 2, Cobb Big SF intake - 2 questions

    So I've finally reached my modding checkpoint for awhile... 3" Downpipe installed Cobb Accessport and stage 2 tune Big SF Cobb intake Southbend stage 3 drop in clutch as well as recent intake manifold replacement (under TSB) and valve cleaning by dealership (the walnut spray or whatever) Car...
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    Stage 3 Clutch Drop In. Still slipping! :(

    So I have a '12 w/ about 80k on it and decided to make the jump from stock right up to stage 2. I got the COBB tuner and installed the downpipe a few weeks ago, and was thrilled at the power bump. Until I pushed it in 4th and saw my first slippage. This car came from my 70 some year old...
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    Reverse Camera Difficulties - stumped

    So I just finished (I thought) adding an aftermarket reverse cam to my 12 GTI. I have a Pioneer AVH4800 headunit that comes reverse cam ready. So I got everything installed...tapped the black/blue wire up under the rear quarter window for reverse "signal" and power for the cam when in reverse...