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    billows of white smoke from misfire

    He hasn't logged in over 3 years but yes same thing happened to me was failed (stuck) injector. Was pretty obvious from only single misfire code and massive plumes of white smoke that smelled like straight gas.
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    Coil Over Problems

    Try impact gun or grip the strut piston with a big vice grip and cloth rags to protect the surface in order to hold it
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    Misfiring on multiple cylinders

    Check the pinhole near the right side of the PCV circle cap with the car running, if you feel it sucking air the PCV is bad
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    Smog in CA and k04

    Update it if you can! helps other people in the future. Also what's this about stock files not working in CA for smog due to file size??? What did you mean by stock compared to the OEM tune?
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    I need some help deciding

    Those 2.5 do sound pretty nice. I think a nice catback and maybe some coilovers or a decent shock/spring setup and some sway bars would make a nice daily.
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    I need some help deciding

    Stage 1 tune completely changes the car and adds a lot of power nothing required. Great place to start with a first mod. Air intake and exhaust sound cool but dont really give you a lot of power. Downpipe and Stage 2 is great also you dont even need a catback exhaust for it either downpipe only...
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    Misfire codes with no misfire

    Is the car still running bad? Notice any idle surging? By far the most common cause for sudden misfire on all multiple cylinders is a vac leak
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    Bye Bye Transmission?

    I thought P2711 is more commonly associated with failed clutch pack but I could be mistaken.
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    Timing chain tensioner help (urgent?)

    Also be sure to check to the cam bridge and see if the screen is missing from the check valve. They blow out on almost every car and if youre lucky you will be able to fish it out of the oil passage before it manages to cause any damage. I removed the remaining bits of the screen fragments from...
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    Timing chain tensioner help (urgent?)

    Do the timing chain while you're there. Trust me you don't want to do it twice. I started getting warm start rattles a while after putting in the updated tensioner installed and had to go back and put in a new timing chain due to stretch. You can prob leave the balance shaft chain alone if you...
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    lost my KW v1 receipt

    yeah Idk if its going to work like that lol...
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    ABS issues... please help (logs included)

    I know that feel, I was a crew chief in the Air Force and it wasn't always fun to come home to work on broken cars after working on broken ass planes lmao. Kind of a shame about the gen 1 TSI because besides the bad tensioner and all the shitty VW sensors around the car the actual engine itself...
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    Dumb questions brand neer

    The Rev9/Goodspeed downpipes are decent for a cheapo chinese option and prob the best fitment of all the ebay ones , recommend welding the vband clamp section together to make it it a one piece
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    ABS issues... please help (logs included)

    Still not 100% sure if this is your problem but codes are similar. Not sure how to test it with VCDS but I knew it was prob the ABS module on mine because 08.5-09s had bad ABS modules that failed all the time VW even issued a recall. I slammed on the brakes to test it and ABS never kicked in.
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    ABS issues... please help (logs included)

    I just typed in ABS module CC and got tons of results lol. There's a ton of prefixes though for the Pump and Module so you need to do some research and get ones that will work with your specific ECU, maybe check the part number of the module under your hood and match it...
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    Downpipe Question

    Yes its been that way for many years. You will fail for any non CARB approved intake as well, there's only a few approved ones for the MK5/6. No CARB approved downpipes. Good thing though is if he decides to go K04 is you can toss on the stock intake and downpipe on and leave the k04 and the...
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    Downpipe Question

    Dont forget about CARB Smog laws :P. ANY downpipe is an automatic failure with the visual component of the inspection. Be prepared to go back to stock every 2 years lol.
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    ABS issues... please help (logs included)

    I bought a used one from a GTI off ebay and installed it, was like $50. They are like $1000+ new iirc
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    ABS issues... please help (logs included)

    You had the codes before you replaced those things or this only started after? I had an ABS module fail and it just threw up p1316 like you have and some other random abs fault codes. It made the ABS lights go on and I ended up swapping the ABS module and performing the ABS basic settings in VCDS.
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    Couple questions about going Stage 2 on my GTI

    Heat soak isn't necessarily linked to your engine coolant temp, that should be pegged in the middle normally. Ive lived in Cali and Midwest and car has never overheated with constant 100+ days in the summer with heavy driving and or racing at the track. Something else with your car might be...