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  1. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Ive been driving the car all morning and it seems the problem is fixed. Looks like oil was getting through the torn diaphragm and burning. Thanks for the help everyone. I just hit 80k on this car, hoping to get another 80k.
  2. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Put my new oem pcv on today. Still need to give it a few days to tell if its fixed since the problem was intermittent. I took apart the old pcv earlier and the rubber diaphragm inside was torn so I feel like the problem should be solved. Had a tiny tiny bit it of oil on my ignition coils and...
  3. whitewolf33

    Excessive white smoke from exhaust?

    This is what im getting right now. Does it on a warm engine every so often when idle. No codes and car drives fine otherwise. Mine seems to be burning a tiny bit of oil at a time and Im hoping the new pcv I install tomorrow will fix it
  4. whitewolf33

    Gas Mileage

    I was thinking this too. I dont get any codes with my downpipe (arm catted ccta). Maybe ask stratified they are usually good with helping users with their tunes.
  5. whitewolf33

    Gas Mileage

    Im usually around 22-23 mpg. I drive probably 60% city and 40% highway. I dont drive the car hard, rarely gets past 4500rpm but I dont drive economically by any means. I like feeling that turbo and hearing the intake. 15mpg sounds low unless youre driving like you stole it all day. How many...
  6. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Thanks. I ordered a new PCV last night so hopefully that fixes my issue
  7. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    I spoke to someone today thats pretty knowledgeable about cars and they said the smoke definitely smells like oil is burning. Whats the best way for me to try and diagnose where its coming from? I have vag and access to a lift
  8. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Thanks I appreciate the help. I would think the pcv would throw a code if failing and produce a rough idle but who knows. Obviously somthing is going on. It looks like an easy inexpensive job so maybe ill order one and replace it
  9. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Its the original pcv. The car has never had any parts fail that needed replacement so far. Original water pump... Its hard to gauge the amount of smoke but its pretty dense. the girl across the street from me had a blown gasket in an old mazda. She had to top off antifreeze a few times a week...
  10. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Sounds like a possibility. I dont see any coolant loss though or overheating. I thought blown head gaskets on the TSI’s was rare. Especially at only 80k. When I changed the oil last week the oil and the cap looked normal not with that white foamy stuff
  11. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Thanks. I dont have a catch can. Its weird that it only does it for a few minutes and stops. I changed the oil last weekend so its happened with the old oil and the new oil now
  12. whitewolf33

    Intermittent white exhaust smoke

    Wondering if you guys can help me diagnose intermittent white smoke coming out of my exhaust. Revo stage 2, car has 80k. Downpipe and intake and otherwise stock. No check engine light, no codes, no leaking oil or coolant, no overheating, heat works good. Car drives fine. started about 3 weeks...
  13. whitewolf33

    FS: RCD 510

    Post pics. Is it the AF version? Do you have the security code?
  14. whitewolf33

    I’m probably just dumb

    It looks like compound or wax that dried and got on the rubber too. I think its also in the door handle.
  15. whitewolf33

    FS: Depo LED Dark Cherry Tail Lights

    The outer passenger side light is not working. I dropped the car off for a few days to get a new bumper. Picked the car up and the light wasnt coming on. A family friend with a small shop did the work. He says the back of the car was not touched and I trust him. I put the stock tails back on and...
  16. whitewolf33

    Rented a 2019 BMW 530i x drive

    Picked up a rental car while mines getting a new bumper. Went to enterprise by my house and they had very few options. Couldnt tell what was for rental and what was employee cars. Was about to rent a nissan murano (over a ford fusion) and my girlfriend jumps in and tells them Im looking for...
  17. whitewolf33

    Guess this wiring connector

    I hit a raccoon last night and I am trying to determine what I need to fix the car. Hit the racoon doing about 65 right where my drivers side fog is. Intercooler and all that looks fine. Everything that broke is plastic except this wiring harness below. This happened close to my house and Ive...
  18. whitewolf33

    Mk6 Jetta suspension on a GTI

    I tried searching but I see a lot of mixed info. It sounds like the shocks and struts fit but there might be a difference in spring rates. I see a few old vortex threads but not much from this site. I dont want to get into a discussion about the quality of this set up but someone local to me is...
  19. whitewolf33

    "Car Guys"

    that is a cool story. Only in Nebraska lol