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  1. greasyginzo

    BMW M2 or GT350?

    In addition to a stage 3 mk6 would you rather have an M2 or a GT350? Would your discision change if it meant giving up the gti?
  2. greasyginzo

    FS: APR Carbonio Stage 2 Intake Pipe

    Selling my stage 2 intake pipe. Perfect condition nothing broken or cracked. Price is $150 shipped.
  3. greasyginzo

    FS: APR ko4 10k miles

    Selling my ko4 turbo that has like 10k miles. It will come in the original APR box. The turbo is coming off on September 2nd only selling because I got a stage 3 gtx kit going on. Would much perfer local sale. Price is $1400 Edit: Turbo is off boxed up ready for it new owner. There is zero...
  4. greasyginzo

    42DD Catless Non Res Turboback Exhaust Vids

    ?v=PwH7LOQtPJA ?v=JCfOxQ3dOIs ?v=keqKWPZJYj0&
  5. greasyginzo

    Tail Pipe Protection?

    Is there any product to use on exhaust tips to help protect the finish and keep/make them easier to clean aside from a coat of wax?
  6. greasyginzo

    TurboSmart OEM Fitment DV

    Anybody use the Turbosmart drop in DV? If so how do you like it?
  7. greasyginzo

    WTB: 17" Drag Racing Setup 2 LW Wheels with or without Slicks

    Looking for a drag setup of 2 light weight wheels with or without slicks. Must be 17's Preferably some where near NJ so we can deal in cash and no hassles of shipping and shit. Let me know what you got.
  8. greasyginzo


    Saw this on instagram...probably the best looking aftermarket rear valence I have seen next to the Revosport comes in CF and FRP More pics here:
  9. greasyginzo

    FS: Brand New Audi Clutch Kit

    I believe this a a TTS clutch kit. It is Brand new I only opened it to take a look but decided to just go with SBC drop in disc. It will come to you in it's original box and includes PP, disc and throw out bearing. This will fit 2.0 TSI and from what I understand is stronger than the stock...
  10. greasyginzo

    P3 Cars w/APR Mobile using P3 Cars OBD 2 Splitter Works

    Here is a picture of the P3Cars splitter: I just hooked it up and I can confirm it works perectly. Just hold both buttons on the gauge for 3 seconds till you see the gauge display "config" then you are set just launch the APR Mobile app and it will conect all though it does not say "APR" like...
  11. greasyginzo

    FS: Super Mint Condition 1st Gen 32 iPad

    This totally mint. It will be shipped in original box with the factory film rewrapped on it. It is the very first iPad 32gb WiFi only Black color mint. I can post pics if you like. I don't really know what it's worth say $125 shipped OBO? If that price is way out of line please show me...
  12. greasyginzo

    WTB: Stock PCV in Good Working Condition

    I want a stock PCV from someone who is running a catch can setup or if anybody happens to have one laying around for some reason. Lower mileage extremely preferred but any in perfect working order will do. PM me or post here if you have one you want to sell
  13. greasyginzo

    Got My Luk Clutch inside

    Ordered from Amazon $205 with 2 day air shipping The last pic is with the DXD stage 3 drop in disc which will be installed with the PP
  14. greasyginzo

    Install TTS Pressure Plate w/DXD Stage 3 Drop-in Disc?

    Please vote above and explain your answer below. Thanks!
  15. greasyginzo

    How to open .drf on OSX

    I want to view my dyno run files on my MBP but can't find software that can open it.
  16. greasyginzo

    Poll: Reset Pressure Plate w/DXD Stage 3 Drop-in Disk or Don't?

    Like it says bitches. Vote and/or speak your minds. My mind says yes since it is a brand new disc and it is the logical thing to do since as the disk wears the PP adjusts with the wear of the disk.
  17. greasyginzo

    NJ "Mexico" trip to do some runs

    Let's set this up guys. I have a Sony action cam and mount so I can film everything. I also have a few spots in mind but am open to other suggestions. Who ever is down post up here and once we get a few people in we can set the date that works for everybody.
  18. greasyginzo

    Need Help on Dog Breed

    Can anybody help me out with what breed or breeds of dog this may be?
  19. greasyginzo

    APR Ko4 V3 Problem

    I hope this is ok if not just move it I guess. I had my turbo installed at APTuning a few weeks ago with V3 software and the ride home and the next 4 days the car ran perfect aside from blowing cylinder 1 coil which I replaced with a brand new one. The car perfect the next day or 2 then it...
  20. greasyginzo

    Englishtown Next Wed

    Anybody down to hit the track next Wednesday night? I want to go get some baseline runs with the ko4. I am going down so I figured I would see if any body else wanted to roll down.