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  1. resilientsoma

    FS: OEM Sway Bars (Front & Rear)

    Up for sale is a set of GTI OEM set of sway bars (front & rear). These only have roughly 20,000 miles on them. These are in great condition. Includes bushings/brackets. No end links included. $125 shipped OBO This set is $300 new Located in Scranton, PA
  2. resilientsoma

    FS: GIAC Flashloader

    SOLD Up for sale is a GIAC Flash-loader. This plugs into your OBD2 port to switch through your different GIAC flash programs on your ECU. I used it for the past two years switching from Stock tune to Stage 2. Works flawlessly. $100 shipped OBO Located in Scranton, PA
  3. resilientsoma

    FS: Euro OEM Light Switch

    Sold Euro OEM Light Switch (Chrome, no trigger wire) $50 Shipped OBO This OEM European headlight switch will allow the use of the parking lights by themselves (Mk6 models require a trigger wire). It will also allow the use of the Rear fog light on European tail lights (requires re-coding...
  4. resilientsoma

    FS: OEM Golf R European LED Tinted Tail Lights

    Sold FS: OEM Golf R European LED Tinted Tail Lights Without rear fog function LED tail light adapter harnesses included Great shape, car is sold so do not need these anymore VAGCOM coding needed so you don't get a light-out error 650 shipped OBO - No rush to sell so please don't low ball...
  5. resilientsoma

    FS: OEM VW Interlagos with Cooper Tires (PA/NY/NJ)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale: OEM VW Interlagos 18x8 et 41 Cooper Zeon RS3-A 235/40/18 Three of the four tires are good except one tire at 4/32 wear Wheels are straight and true, no bends/cracks Wheels have some nicks but can be easily repaired with some sanding, filling, primer, paint & clear. I...
  6. resilientsoma

    11' GTI Part-Out (OEM R Tails, CW OEM Lip, R8 Coils, etc.)

    Only a few things left: Leather hood bra (eBay) (Fitment is ok) ($25) ProClip Mount and iPhone adapter (iPhone 4/5) ($50) OEM GTI Intercooler hoses ($40) OEM Crankshaft position sensor ($40) OEM Sway Bars (F & R) ($110 shipped) 2011 VW GTI TSI Candy White 2 door CBFA Located in Scranton, PA
  7. resilientsoma

    TSW Nurburgring [powder coated gloss black] wheels and tires

    Selling for a friend. For sale: TSW Nurburgring wheels and tires. Wheels are mint. Freshly powder coated gloss black. 5 x 112 18x8 et45 squared Nearly brand new Toyo Extensa HP 225/40/18 tires, maybe 5k on them. 1500 OBO Located in Milford, PA Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  8. resilientsoma

    FS: MK6 GTI intercooler hoses (OEM)

    For sale are the two gti intercooler hoses. These are stock and were on the car for 50k miles. All o-rings and hose clamp there. Price is 50 shipped OBO. Pm me for offers.
  9. resilientsoma

    Help - car won't start (Video inside)

    I noticed my car starting to have longer start up times turning over. All of a sudden the car wont even start. The starter is going but no gas. Tried pumping gas pedal while trying to turn over and nothing. I have this video and scanned codes attached. Any help appreciated. Thank you. ..
  10. resilientsoma

    FS: GTI intercooler hoses

    For sale is two OEM GTI intercooler hoses. They have about 50k miles on them and work just fine. All o-rings and hose clamp included. 75 shipped OBO. PM me for offers. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  11. resilientsoma

    Boost Leak ... suggestions??

    Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  12. resilientsoma

    Intercooler Install - Scranton, PA (NEPA)

    Delete Delete please, friend and I ended up doing it. Hello guys, I have a GOLF R Intercooler w/ Golf R hoses that I need installed in the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area. Anyone know of a good place or someone that can give me a hand? Obviously have cash! Let me know, thanks. My car is a 2011 GTI.
  13. resilientsoma

    Boost Leak ... suggestions??

    Hello all, Need help diagnosing my boost leak. I have GIAC Stage 2, usually get 16 psi max boost. Boost gauge will boost to 10-11 psi and hold there and sputter a little. DV Valve changed, same thing with boost. Boost tap removed, same power loss. You can hear a more pronounced air "push"...
  14. resilientsoma

    FS: M Technica Turbo wheels & tires (Scranton, PA)

    Sold M Technica Turbos > 5x112 > 18.0" x 8.5" squared > ET +36 > 57.1 CB Nitto Neo Gen Tires > 205/40ZR18XL > Exactly 6,394 miles on them > Rotated @ 3k Can include 14x 28 mm CS Bolts (bought new from BFI). Only had for one season, bought brand new from BFI. Surfaces have some scuffs from...
  15. resilientsoma

    Strut mounts & bearings - Need advice

    Hi all, I failed my inspection last week due to one leaky strut on my front driver side; they are FK Street-line coil-overs. While replacing the one strut, I would like to get new a new strut mount and bearing for that front driver side. I have replaced these mounts/bearings before, but can't...
  16. resilientsoma

    AWE Downpipe - resonator delete?

    Maybe a dumb question, but want to make sure. I have an AWE downpipe on my car now and want to delete the resonator for a deeper sound and hopefully allow some more flow. It's a 2.5'' pipe mated w/ a Magnaflow 2.5'' catback. What parts are needed for the delete? I can use a Sawzall to delete...
  17. resilientsoma

    FS: 3SDM 0.05 staggered wheels & tires (NE PA)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD THANK YOU!!!!!!! :) UPDATE: 1200 picked up. I have a set of 3SDM 0.05 's wrapped in Nankang tires for sale. Hardware can be included. The wheels look great. I get a lot of compliments. The wear on wheels is normal; small scuffing on one rear wheel, and a small chip on...
  18. resilientsoma

    Bugatti Type 60 concept

    Really cool, props to him. only thing i would say is the rear doesn't flow with the front. Looks like he looked at the new McLaren and then altered his design. Front and rear are too different. Also, needs different wheels, looks like TSW's.