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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    That's my next venture. My clutch is due. Headliner is also coming out soon.
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    All quiet on the 2.5L front

    Ya. OC is nice. Been riding the motorcycle most days except for the occasional ride down to the store in the 2.5L.
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    What broke on your 2.5 since you own it?

    Ya I had my front left wheel bearing go at 100k miles.
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    All quiet on the 2.5L front

    Agreed. I pop in from time to time but I haven't done anything with the car since removing all the IE stuff. Got the car smogged the other day. It took 10 minutes and I didn't have to lift a finger. Well actually I had to lift my finger to point at the C.A.R.B sticker on the P-flow. Also...
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    Parking brake adjustment

    Hmm. That's a bummer. Worked like a charm for me and it's still 3 clicks tight even now.
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    EPC Light, CEL + no crank/no start

    I have to think it's something with the immobilizer or clutch switch or something ignition related if you get absolutely nothing when you turn the key. Even if you have the throttlebody unplughed it will try and start and a dead batter will give a faint click. Very few things will give you...
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    EPC Light, CEL + no crank/no start

    That's interesting as I had this issue with the ECS clutch stop as well. I had to pull the nut and put it to it"s lowest setting on mine. Also the EPC light is always on if the car is not started so the EPC light may not mean anything.
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    EPC Light, CEL + no crank/no start

    Do you have VAG-COM? You could check this and try recalibrating the throttle body. Do you drive a stick? Clutch sensor (at the pedal) would cause this as well as MLue1's suggestion on the immobilizer.
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    EPC Light, CEL + no crank/no start

    EPC is the drive by wire system, so pedal and throttle body, so yes it could be the throttle positioning sensor in the pedal has gone haywire or the throttle body or wiring in between.
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    Mk6 2.5

    Stage 1 with CAI is mandatory on this car IMHO. Also, suspenion, lighter wheels and better tires. Upgrading the steering wheel and stereo adds a lot as well. Exhaust just adds sound and changes the look but no performance gain.
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    Activating hold assist

    On an MK5 I am not sure but on the MK6 you can change the setting with Vagcom. You can also change how long it holds for. You cannot do it with just OBDII.
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    How VW Chocked the Performance of the 07K 2.5 Engine

    The 2.5L is a great motor. And to date I haven't had any issues with the 2.5L I couldn't tackle in a day in my driveway.
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    How VW Chocked the Performance of the 07K 2.5 Engine

    To answer in general, the best upgrade you can do on the 2.5L is an air intake with stage 1 tune. It won't even feel like the same car. For me the Neuspeed P-Flo is the best intake. I would not worry about heat soak too much as this is a naturally aspirated car so it's not a huge deal...
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    How VW Chocked the Performance of the 07K 2.5 Engine

    Mk5 or MK6? MAF went to MAP in 2010 I believe with the MK6. As far as CAI I am a neuspeed fan. SRI depends on your wallet and what your goals are in the end. I had the SRI on my car for a couple years with IE stage 2 but decided to remove it and go back to Stage 1.
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    The Willy's is a '48 CJ2A. Been in the family sinse my dad was a kid. Sat in my grandmother's garage for 30 years before I got it and have slowly brought it back to life. Don't have a pic of the 2.5L sinse putting the mudflaps on but can take one tomorrow. I like them a lot actually but...
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    What did you do to your MK6 2.5 today?

    My pleasure. I hope everyones healthy. I put some RokBlokz shorty mudflaps on my 2.5L last weekend. I was worrried they looked a little too JDM for my tastes but they've grown on me. The golf's been driving like a champ so I haven't had any projects for a while. I finished the Harley and...
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    2010 Golf.....P0016 code being thrown, looking for advice on what Im looking at here....

    Well anything related to the cam unless it's a sensor or electrical is not good but you would notice while driving the car. If you skipped a tooth or something due to a failed tensioner there would be no question there is a major problem. I.E. valves smacking pistons is a pretty violent...
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    Rear Brake Light Turn Signal Out

    I had to do this with my license plate lamps. Bulb holder loosened up I guess.
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    It's Decided. 2.5 Turbo. Winter 2019

    If it has an SAI (I think this is what you meant by SRI) there will be 2 hoses connected to the air intake. If there is only 1 then no SAI. I am pretty sure MLue said he didn't have one so I thought the SAI is just a US emissions thing. If you only have 1 hose at the air intake tube it goes...
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    Oil Filter Housing Assembly.

    I just had this done at the dealer as they cracked mine at my last oil change. I did some research as they were crying about it being a PITA to do. I did not find any DIY's specifically but bits and pieces of info. It does not sound like an easy job. A fair amount has to be removed to get...