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  1. Blakcard

    Engine Swap?

    insurance wont bring it back to life but the engine is still running?
  2. Blakcard

    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    what are you thoughts since using it... did you use whatsapp prior to the switch?
  3. Blakcard

    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    Dr Dre Brain Aneurysm..... in the hospital under watch.
  4. Blakcard

    I'd Have Tased Her

    I wanna know what snow tires she had on!!!
  5. Blakcard

    VW Vortex Premium?

    If it's not OnlyFans Idgaf
  6. Blakcard

    VW Vortex Premium?

    I'm not usually on that site but i venture over occasionally. I've noticed the page is all revamped and then i saw something that caught my eye. They offer a premium content for only 19.99/yr?? o_O I'm not slaggin their site but seriously.....anyone here sign up for it? Is it worth it??
  7. Blakcard

    Music Tastes. Share yours!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Bass lines... good delivery and i hear what the hell is going on from chord to chord and lyric to lyric
  8. Blakcard

    New MKVI Owner! 2010 GTI 2dr 6MT Black Pearl Metallic

    looks good, the wax brought out the paint. should hit up those exhaust tips and make them shine too Congrats and welcome aboard! plans for a tune?
  9. Blakcard

    Good Downpipe (Canadian 500$)

    Where are u located?
  10. Blakcard

    WTB: “P” Wheel Lock Key

    That sucks. I was in that predicament once...nothing worked. Took it to VW.. They used a master key.. $50. Bought 4 lugs and never looked back.. NOBODY is stealing OEM rims. Not sure what u have on your car however once you get them off if you have aftermarket rims consider getting McGuard...
  11. Blakcard

    Is my door speaker blown?

    Did you press around the speaker to see if it was loose anywhere? One of the rivets could be loose. Or check to see if all the speaker material is mated to the surface. I agree.. Check all audio sources playing the same song at the same volume
  12. Blakcard

    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    I'm not saying don't check your injectors but if you have zero fault codes that speak to it..... spend 15mins and check your plugs. If a diode broke off or the gap is too wide you at least haven't taken apart stuff looking for a ghost. If you had a stuck or faulty injector you'd really feel it...
  13. Blakcard

    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    So... you did check the gap in your plugs or.....?
  14. Blakcard

    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    yep.. DO NOT USE ESSO GAS!!! Top Tier my azzzzz have you looked at your spark plugs? Sometimes over looked. Your gap could be off. Easy check. Sometimes its a soft code and won't hit the dash. it's worth scanning it. few places in the GTA offer free scanning like Parts Source. Not to mention...
  15. Blakcard

    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    Based on your answer... doesn't seem like it's a need for you at this point to install one. Do what you've been doing so far and keep on top of the maintenance items and your gold. Had mine now since 2013 and easy peasy does it nice. What you're already doing is enough. BUT oil temperature...
  16. Blakcard

    How long does it take for oil to warm up?

    sorry for this question as my brain does stuff.... what's your biggest concern with regards to engine oil temperatures? Is this the first time you're running the car in the winter? Have you had issues before? Do you get on the highway soon after start-up? Is this your daily? I won't repeat...