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    Code P2293 - Cam follower issue?

    Really?... So there's no misinformation about does have one. It has a roller on its contact surface rather than a solid flat contact surface.

    Ceramic Cam Follower.... you can do the roller conversion or use that stud kit. The stud's are much easier if you remove the 8mm(5/16") I did. I first put mine on and they are just too long. Once they are cut it is much easier to remove the HPFP. There was a time when I was replacing the CF every 8...

    Hello, for two days I was seeing a security risk - certificate expired notice when attempting to...

    Hello, for two days I was seeing a security risk - certificate expired notice when attempting to enter the site. This is it; Peer’s Certificate has expired. HTTP Strict Transport Security: false HTTP Public Key Pinning: false

    Ceramic Cam Follower....

    Last I heard, WASA has obtained the HPFP upgrades needed with larger springs to do more testing. I doubt they will put it back on the market...even though they could while specifying which HPFP upgrades it will cause failures with. My cam chain cover lost threads in all of the holes and I...

    New owner of a '12 R CW 4d

    I always do new coils with new plugs if the coils are near 80k to 100k miles. Once you've had some time with it; I would have a look at its fuel trims...Lambda...and Mass air. Just to confirm a few other things are tight and working/reporting well.

    Pic Request 255-35-18x9 ET40-45

    I know someone nearby with the black R(pics below). He has 225/40-18 tires on 18-et35 or 40 wheels...and he says his rub sometimes when cornering or when straight line bumps are present. Then you have another, even lower, with 265 tires on 19 et40-45 wheels(white R pics below). Someone saying...

    EPC light help

    At 110k could also be the cam follower(CF). If it were the CF, it would drive on light throttle...but would not go at full power under load. Just can't be certain by the description of symptoms. Yes, it could be a failed DV, pcv, or leaks. Is there a place nearby where you could pull...

    Would a 10 x 112 pattern fit a mk6 gti? that I look at the pic rather than just glancing at the smaller pic, I retract my previous statement.

    K04 vs GTX2867R - Which one?

    I know...even my K04 went 60% more than expected. How do I know? Because my wife, unknowingly to me, kept a ledger :LOL: You'll enjoy it with a K04...and it will last longer. Just don't race a....well, you know which ones.
  10. ROH ECHT

    K04 vs GTX2867R - Which one?

    I'll chime in even though mine is MK5 K04. With your plans to dedicate the 135 to track...I suggest keep the MK6 simple. I know guys going the two big turbos mentioned in earlier posts. Both have gone more than double their expected build costs. One with the EFR, over $20k, having internal...
  11. ROH ECHT

    Would a 10 x 112 pattern fit a mk6 gti?

    Yeah...not all ten holes are at a 112 diameter...five of them are for a different diameter so the wheels can be used for two different diameters. My guess is they are 5x112 and 5x100.
  12. ROH ECHT

    Would a 10 x 112 pattern fit a mk6 gti?

    Are five holes for 5x112 and the other five holes for a different diameter/pattern for those five holes? Do you have a link to these wheels?
  13. ROH ECHT

    Would a 10 x 112 pattern fit a mk6 gti?

    I do not believe there is such a thing as 10x112...ours are 5x112. But if there is...yes, it will fit. You'll just use the five to mount them.
  14. ROH ECHT

    Raceline Catch Can

    I just responded to an identical post for an Audi A3 on TFSI Tuning on facebook. There's a couple of R-Line CC steps to disregard as the pertain to the old canister mounted behind the headlight (I believe steps 8 and 9). You're canister is under the spare wheel well and has a plastic cover...
  15. ROH ECHT

    Rear camber do you...the passion is yours alone.
  16. ROH ECHT

    Rear camber

    Yeah...not for me either. When I first saw his at both morphings....I....I....nope. But that is me thinking of what I like and his project was his. Mine is low, but I keep it all tucked cleanly so to not rub; 18x8 45et wheels and 225/40.
  17. ROH ECHT

    Rear camber

    OP, the rubber should do. The ball-n-pillow, albeit regarded as better, typically require a clean environment or periodic cleaning. I know this person (his car in the pics)...and in him trying to fit wider tires and add camber...his wheel arches were ruined when he attempted to tuck the...
  18. ROH ECHT

    Ceramic Cam Follower....

    WASA responding to FB posts: Niki @ R-Tech; "I took a stock pump and compared the fitment of the follower with the Apr pump and the stock pump. Then the penny dropped, I sent my findings to WASA pointing out APR use a fatter spring and the cam follower had absolutely no clearance and with a hot...
  19. ROH ECHT

    Ceramic Cam Follower....

    Ah....yes, I'm a member and found the post. Thank you.
  20. ROH ECHT

    Ceramic Cam Follower....

    Apparently, WASA has concluded the fractured CF was due to the larger spring of an APR hpfp upgrade. It is likely due to a clearance issue but it will take time to confirm if their CF can handle the additional pressure of a larger piston and tune demand. I found it...