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    Good Downpipe (Canadian 500$)

    42 Draft designs
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    Engine mounts talk to me...

    Im APR Stage 2 with supporting mods. Daily driven 78,000 miles, OG owner I just bought the dog bone mount, insert and new pucks. looking to maybe replace both side mounts as well, if that's something else i should be thinking about. I believe the engine movement has caused my 42DD downpipe...
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    dealer says i need a new motor...

    well poop balls... she hasn't died yet dying slowly. I thought it was a clutch issue but after the mechanic took it apart he found the crank had a lot of play. What i do?
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    Anyone take the headlights apart meaning take the projector out and change out the lens on the headlights to a better lens? and bulbs? gotta be something different/better. I'm on the Retro fit source and from what I've seen in other cars this makes a huge difference.
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    mirror drip

    what do you do to combat this?
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    Bumper LED's

    anyone change these out to some else? bigger LED's?
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    TB exhaust

    so now that the "R" is almost set in stone it is coming to the US, where do I get a decent TB exhaust or even just the down pipe? WHERE? I have looked on different web sites and im not seeing it....