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  1. WetMoney

    Long Crank, start then dies... not getting fuel

    Hey All! wow its been a long time since i posted. i miss the good ole days when the MK6's ruled the world! wonder if any of the OGs are still around? BUT i got a situation.... I have been trying to search this, but not getting any luck. i find similar situations. but they are getting diff fault...
  2. WetMoney

    BC Racing BR Series Coilover Review

    A Daily Driver’s Review/Install on BC Racing BR Series Coilover System system for the MKVI GTI. So, I have had my car for about 2.5 years now and I was in the market for a new coilover setup. I was looking for something that had a “track type feel” but wouldn’t sacrifice street...
  3. WetMoney

    ***Feeler NGP Type 1 coilovers***

    **delete** n/a
  4. WetMoney

    Fender Rolling North NJ

    North NJ fender rolling by me. "FrankieFenders" Eastwood roller and heat gun. Located in Morris county. Message me to make an appointment!
  5. WetMoney

    Wheel lug bolts.. Hex or Spline?

    I need to get Cone seat lugs and i have been shopping around. But i dont know what to do. Standard Hex style lug bolts or Spline type? I like the idea of the Spline type because it acts as a "security" for my wheels. Yes i know, "if someone really wants my wheels, they will steal them." Pros...
  6. WetMoney

    Powl: Anyone, what phone should I get?

    im starting to hate Apple. my brother just left the Iphone and got a new Motorola Maxx. phone is pretty dope. 48hr battery life. i may be switching soon as well.
  7. WetMoney

    Anyone on this forum?

    "Oh hi look at you Nissan Rogue" lol
  8. WetMoney

    DIY/Review/Comparo: Sub-$1k OEM bi-xenon headlamp upgrade

    Yellow wire yes, but not the same as the Trigger wire used for the EuroSwitch. the 000979134 (pictured above) wire will come with two male ends. cut that sucker in half. u can solder the wire to the harness and plug in and ur good to go. (this is based on the Kufatec setup i did with my...
  9. WetMoney

    Gymkhana 7 is live!

  10. WetMoney

    FS: EuroJet Intercooler

  11. WetMoney

    WTB intercooler

    I have a Eurojet Intercooler for sale. its used with 6K on it. asking $500.00. if interested, we can maybe work a deal because shipping.
  12. WetMoney


    As title states I have a FULL oem clutch for TSI. Flywheel, Pressure Plate and Clutch. Only used for 4900 miles. friend of mind upgraded to a stage 2 SB clutch setup. asking $350.00 obo Local sales preferable. thanks! Pics and Part numbers:
  13. WetMoney

    FS: Injen Cold Air Intake

    Bump! Close up of hydro sock and air vent
  14. WetMoney

    FS: Injen Cold Air Intake

  15. WetMoney

    MDI Connector Problem