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    Clutch problem then not

    So an odd thing happened. My cars been spot on sinse replacing the ECU a while back. Suddenly my clutch started chattering and I was worried that the clutch was on it's way out. It got suddenly worse and I was even starting to price out a new clutch....$1600 ouch. Then about a week ago I got...
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    OEM VW MK6 Rear Emblem flip up Camera

    SOLD Used OEM VW MK6 GTI Golf Jetta Tiguan Rear Emblem flip up Camera with new harnesses and fuse pigtail for installation. Great condition. This is an OEM RGB Camera removed from a 2012 VW GTI. Pretty sure I have put together everything needed for install on factory radios except overseas...
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    Just crashed the golf

    Got cut off by another car and hit an island center divider square at like 40mph. Essentially hit a curb dead on at 40mph and launched the golf. Luckily it was dirt in the island so there was nothing else to hit. Unsure the total extent of the damage. No body damage. Would be shocked if the...
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    I might actually have to take my car to a mechanic

    Yesterday I drove down to San Diego for a conference 100 miles round trip. No problem. Did the same drive today and the car suddenly has a very noticeable humming sound coming from the transmission and a noticeable clunk from where the CV joints enter the transmission when turning the front...
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    NIB Integrated Engineering 2.5L Valve Springs and Retainers

    Brand new sealed in box. I have had these on my shelf for the last 6 months and am not sure I'll get around to installing them...
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    Throttle Response Issue *Resolved*

    Hello all. If you've been on here over the last year and a half you have likely heard me bitch incessantly about the throttle response on the MK6 golf. I had a manual MK6 TDI with no issues. My issues were not just the initial rev that's a side effect of shortening the intake tube but were...
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    FS: 034 billet PCV

    034 billet PCV - Sold Sold
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    FS: Neuspeed P-Flow Intake 2.5L

    Neuspeed P-Flow Intake 2.5L - Sold Sold
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    FS: VW 2.5L ECS Lightweight Pulley

    VW 2.5L ECS Lightweight Pulley - Sold Sold
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    FS: APR Catch Can

    APR Catch Can - Sold Sold
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    Head Unit Upgrade

    Any advice on Head Units. I am sure this has been discussed here but not recently and I am looking for more current opinions. I am currently running the RCD-510 with 9w7 bluetooth. It works very well but is a bit dated (slow, clunky, black & white). I have read a lot of reviews on different...
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    Disable ASR with vcds?

    Does anyone know if it is posible to disable ASR with vcds for a 2012+ Gllf MK6? I know where the setting is but if you try and change it to the off position it will not persist. I can turn it off via the traction control button but since I drive with it off all the time I would rather just...
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    Catch Cans

    I thought I would post this as I have read tons of questionable information regarding catch cans on variois forums...and the Superbowl is a snoozer currently. They are quite easy to set up and clean if you get a can intended for the purpose and don't try and cheap out on some eBay special or...
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    Yep another 2.5L turbo thread

    2.5L turbo in a MKIII 175mph. He blows his own doors off. Literally.
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    All quiet on the 2.5L front

    Awfully quiet in here. I'm assuming that's because the 2.5L is so damn reliable and everyone's car is running awesome! Happy New Year! May your 5th cylinder outlive 1000 turbos.
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    Rear hatch lock failure

    So this happened today. Not my video but mine did the exact same thing. Cause...broken plastic worm gear in the locking mechanism. Got a new lock at the dealer for $85. Was actually cheaper than online unless you get it from china but I am not leaving the...
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    Parking brake adjustment

    Thought I would port this over from another discussion on another thread. The question was on adjusting the parking brake. This totally works:w00t:
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    Motor mount upgrade. Worth the expense?

    A buddy of mine just got a MK5 2.5L jetta and was asking me if I upgraded my motor mounts as he was looking into it for his first mod. I thought it was a strange first mod but it sounds pretty common. Then I saw what they cost. Whoa. $600 to do the engine, trans and dogbone. Ouch. Is it...
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    Enkei Fujin Wheels on closeout at tirerack 17 x 7.5 17lbs

    Just ordered up a set of these on tirerack. Comes with lugs and rings. $540 while they last. Decent style and at that weight for that price from a great company. Sold. Now I don't have to hear MLue talk about my boat anchor Portos...
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    parking Brake

    Just did my rear brakes, pads and rotors, and after I was done the parking brake is a little loose. Why would it loosen? I would think it would be the opposite with added pad thickness. I know how to adjust under the center console but was curious if anyone knew why it would loosen up with...