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“Keyless Defective” on screen


New member
Hi I have a 2012 gti autobahn 4 door with push to start and regularly have “keyless Defective “ on screen. I’m not sure if the keyless entry has ever worked (when you just grab the handle to unlock and touch the indentation on the handle to lock) but I am wondering why I am getting this error , and if I do in fact have those touch sensor in the door. Last post I’ve seen was in 2012 with some common fixes like opening all the windows , pushing in the sensor in the hatch under rear seats, changing fob batteries , anyone have any suggestions or ideas why I’m getting this error ?


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Nope, but if you have push button start then the door handles should work. Also if the fob will remotely lock/unlock car then batteries should be fine in it


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Try this one, it has pictures of the antenna that could be unplugged in the back.

The windows would be easy to identify as they would no longer operate with one touch. Resyncing them would fix that... Not sure why that would give a Kessy error tho