"059 906 051 C" DPF pressure Sensor replacement error "P245200"


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hi. i have vw golf 6 variant 2010-2011 with CFHC 2.0 tdi engine and my dpf pressure sensor part number is "059 906 051 C"

RECENTLY i got error P245200 dpf pressure sensor "A: circuit and i replaced with exact part with same number and i was trying to do the adaptation in obdeleven with uds protocol but nothings happenng except glow plug light is flashing and the basic setting says that adapation ended as soon as i click the start button and after 3 or 4 min the obdeleven dissonnects and the dpf oil ash volume is at zero now before was something like 0.9l

can anone please help me how they did it with obdeleven or vcds is needed here