08.5-11 ESP Defeat


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coding took on my 2009 MK5 GLI with an AD Pump

Original: 113B600D492A00FA880B06E9921900413000

New: 113B600D492A00FA880B06E9921900413800


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Bumping this up.
How well did this work?
I have a 2010 Golf R mk6 with pump AJ.
I'll try this out.


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I sold the damn Golf R with the BE pump. I waited over a year hoping that someone would find the coding for my car.
I bought a BMW M135ix instead and yes, I can turn off all driving aids except ABS.


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Just did my first AutoX. Is this mod real life? Wheel lock up during some turns was not cool.


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you have a 2012, you should be able to code the stage 2 esp coding

Thanks. I'm just now getting what the 8.5-11 means in the thread title. :yikes:


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Updated first post for less confusion.


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I read a great article in one of the car mags about leaving ESP on. FWIW, I took the car to VIR and drove it as hard as I could...with the ESP on. Only once in 60 laps did I think it kicked in but that may have been my input as the light never came on. So if you're doing it right, ESP won't be a menace.
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Hi Guys.
I bring some good news.
I juste coded a Golf R mk6 2010
This car has the AJ pump with the below coding as stock.

I change the byte 16 from 3D to 29. Like below.

Now we can turn ESP Off (ESP light ON) Before the ESP was blinking and would intervene when to much slip/drift.

The car is a DSG equipped car with "Hill Hold" and "TPS"
Hill hold is working as normal but TPS is not working. (who cares about TPS right?)

I just came back from a test drive on snow and Ice. Now we can make donuts and drift as much as we like without any problems. ABS braking still work to.

I want to thanks all that contributed to this thread, and helped me solve this headache.

Wish you all a great weekend :)
Best regards from Norway.


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3D does not work on BG Pump
When you say does not work, did you get the coding to take? Does it say ESP off or is it kicking in? Coding did work on my 2010 BG pump but I have not tried hooning it.


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It accepted the coding and changed what MFD says when I push the button but it's actually more intrusive than the factory coding of B7 which let me get as sideways as I wanted As long as the inputs were smooth.


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Ok I'll update first post.


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New member but wanted to give back to the forum. I just bought a 2010 with the AH pump and was losing sleep over the ESP issue.

Happy to say byte 16 = 2C seems to have solved it. Single stage, ESP Off, Solid warning light.
Some might prefer 2 stage but I'm just happy its fully off!

:thanks:Thanks to all who did the research and shared here!