1.4 TSI CAXA without on wheel buttons / enter setup MFD MFI


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Hello Guys,

I just bought this car and I do not know how to enter the menu for the display.

I only have the tickers (up down) on the windshield ax and the OK/reset button.

As for the onboard buttons I have the one on the left and one reset on the right.

I tried several types of trick. Holding the up and down tickers for a few seconds.

I tried the on the left on board and the up and down tickers.

My main thing is that I want the KMH to be displayed on the bigger main display onboard. Right now there are several there, temperature, average and stuff but the only way I could get the KMH was instead of the odometer while your car runs and it goes back to odometer once you stopped. For that there is another problem is that odometer is in km and KMH is in miles, MPH.

Do you have any advice or what I could do to enter the menu? Looked for it online, so far nothing worked. I will try today with the phone/bluetooth maybe I can change something.