14/12pin --> 10 pin headlight adapter


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So I know this sounds really weird but hear me out. I have the Bi-Xenon active headlights with LED DRLs and all that from the factory. I simply want to get aftermarket headlights but all the ones I can find are for halogen models with the 10 point harness. They all either come with their own adapters or are plug and play with the 10 pin.

I think it would be simple to pin out the 14 pin into a 10 pin and make an adapter assuming I can code out the advanced headlight functions and the ECU can just kill the connections it doesn't need but that's just a theory.

Here's my question(s): is any of this possible at all? Is this even close to how it works or am I way off base? If I can't code out the advanced functions will this throw a code, assuming of course this is even possible in the first place? (I know the answer to this last one is yes but I had to ask anyway)